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Cooperative Fitness Challenge Task Description: Partner Jumping Jacks

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Challenge Task: Partner Jumping Jacks

Fitness component: Cardiovascular endurance

Full description:

This is a partner challenge. Partners must perform 70 jumping jacks in unison (while counting) in 60 seconds. Students must count out loud as they complete this task. They can face each other, stand behind each other or stand side by side. They can be as far apart as they want from each other. The kids must be in unison throughout the challenge or they must start over. They must touch their own fingertips at the top of each jumping jack. If they don’t complete 70 jumping jacks using the proper form, they must start again.

Videos and Pictures:


partner jumping jacks

Quick description:

Partner Challenge: Partners must complete 70 matching jumping jacks in 60 seconds. Must touch hands at top and count together.

Bullet point description:

  • 2 children
  • Children must perform 70 jumping jacks in 60 seconds
  • Jumping jacks must be in unison
  • Both children must count out loud
  • Children must touch their own fingertips at top of jumping jack
  • If they get out of unison, not touch their fingertips, or not complete 70 in 60 seconds they must start over

Equipment Needed:

  • Timing device
  • Cones or other markers to mark how far apart kids should be from each other (optional)

Diagram (Kids facing each other):
partner jumping jacks

What constitutes starting the challenge over:

  • Children must be in unison during the challenge.
  • Children must touch their own fingertips on each jumping jack.
  • Children must complete 70 jumping jacks in 60 seconds.


Making the challenge more difficult:

  • Decrease the number of seconds
  • Increase the number of jumping jacks to complete
  • Have children stand side by side as opposed to facing each other

Making the challenge easier:

  • Increase the number of seconds
  • Decrease the number of jumping jacks to complete

Teaching Cues

  • Touch fingers at the top
  • Stay on toes
  • Pace yourself: Don’t go to fast at start

Adapting for children with disabilities:

We encourage you to adapt any of the tasks to meet the needs of any of the children participating in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge, including any children with disabilities. Feel free to use the child's IEP or use any of the variations we list here to assist you.

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