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FAQ's for PE Central's Cooperative Fitness Challenge

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about the PE Central Cooperative Fitness Challenge. We start with the general questions about how it works and registration and the include specific questions about each challenge task.

What do you get when you register?

  • Upon completion of the program, you can order Challenge award pins at the S&S Discount Sports website
  • For additional pins, you can get 15% off plus FREE shipping on orders over $25. Use offer code B4260 when ordering.
  • Log in UN and PW so you can change your personal information at any time
  • Cost for additional pins are only $1.01 each using the special discount (non members pay $1.19 per pin)
  • Frequent email communication from Mark Manross, Executive Director, updating you on dates things need to be completed, etc.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration is FREE.

Can I do the program for free?

Yes and you do not need to register. Just use the content on the web site and then you can download the certificates as awards to your kids.

What do I get after I register?

After you register you use the web site for all of the tools you need to successfully administer the Challenge. We will NOT mail you a kit or a book or anything. The only thing you will get in the mail from us are the pins that you request in the Spring of the following year.

What grade levels is the Challenge designed for?

We tested the challenge tasks with 4th and 5th grades but we have provided modification suggestions for each challenge so you could do them with grades 3-8 if you choose. Feel free to make changes to the tasks so it best fits the needs of your children.

Is there a time period that the challenges must be completed in? Or can we work them into our schedule?

Registration for the Challenge usually happens anywhere from Oct-Nov. so you have until April/May/June of the following year to return to the Cooperative Fitness Challenge web site to let us know how many pins your kids earned.

Can teachers/schools from countries outside of the USA register?

No, unfortunately the challenge is only for USA schools.

When will I get my pins after completing the PEC Challenge?

S&S Worldwide will mail your pins very soon after receiving your order.

How will PE Central know how many gold, silver and bronze pins I will actually need for my children?

For members you will tell us via CFC Website after loggin in on the front page. For non-members you will send us an order form with a check and we will mail right away.

What if I teach at more then one elementary school?

Each teacher registrant, not school, can register. Therefore you will not be able to register twice if you are the same teacher at two different schools.

Can the children I teach who are physically challenged participate in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge?

Yes, by all means. You can take the challenges and modify them to meet your and the child's needs and abilities. In the past we have had a number of teachers who taught children with multi-handicaps and they participated in the Challenge.

How do I contact the staff at the Cooperative Fitness Challenge?

The best way is to email us at fitnesschallenge@pecentral.org

What are some ways I can incorporate the Challenge into my program so it doesn't take away from the time I need to teach the other aspects of my curriculum?

There are a number of things you can do that allow you to incorporate the Challenge into your program without it taking over all of your time. Use the tasks as instant activities or adminster the challenges before school, at lunch, recess or after school. We think the classroom teacher would love to offer these at recess as they are easy to administer.

Who can verify that the children have passed the individual challenges?

The teacher/adult who signed their students up for the Challenge would have the main responsibility for this. In addition, classroom teachers or parent/student volunteers can do this too. We invite you to use our Tracking Sheet to help with this. To save time some teachers tell the children to get half of the task done and then come show the teacher the final attempts. Feel free to make as many copies of this as you wish.

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