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Cooperative Fitness Challenge Task Description: Partner Sit Ups Throw and Catch

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Challenge Task: Partner Sit Ups Throw and Catch

Challenge Task: Partner Sit Up Throw and Catch

Fitness component: Muscular strength (abdominals)

Full description:

This is a partner challenge. Two children face each other with their feet at least 3 feet apart. Have each child get in a proper sit-up position (feet flat on the floor, legs slightly bent, back on floor and arms folded across chest). Give one child an object to throw and catch (e.g., yarn ball, bean bag, gator skin ball, basketball, or have them choose). On the start signal the children do a sit up together. At the top of the sit up they must complete the throw and catch and then continue doing this for 25 throws and catches. They must complete this task in 60 seconds. They must start over if they go over the time limit, or if ball hits floor or if their feet come off the floor or the scorer (e.g., teacher) deems the children not to be completing proper sit ups.

Videos and Pictures:


Partner Sit Ups

Quick description:

Partner Challenge: Partners must complete 25 sit-ups while throwing & catching a ball 25 times without missing. Must complete in 60 seconds.

Bullet point description:

  • 2 children 3 feet apart facing each other
  • Must complete 25 throws in 60 seconds
  • Both children must be in a proper sit up position (feet flat on ground, knees slightly bent, arms folder across chest)
  • Ball is thrown and caught while children are both at the top of the sit up
  • Children can choose any ball to throw and catch
  • Children start over if they miss a catch, don’t complete in allotted time, perform poor sit-ups and they need to count out loud.

Equipment Needed:

  • Mats
  • Choices of objects to throw and catch. Suggestions:  4-6 inch gator skin ball, yarn ball, whiffle ball, Nerf football, rubber chicken, bean bag

Partner Sit Ups

What constitutes starting the challenge over:

  • Children missing a catch.
  • Children not doing a proper sit up with knees slightly flexed, feet flat on floor, not folding arms).
  • The children not completing 25 catches in 60 seconds.
  • Children not counting out loud


Making the challenge more difficult:

  • Decrease the number of seconds
  • Increase the number of sit ups and throws to complete
  • Move children farther apart (e.g., feet greater than 3 feet apart)

Making the challenge easier:

  • Increase the number of seconds
  • Decrease the number of sit ups and throws to complete
  • Move children closer together

Teaching Cues

  • Feet glued to floor
  • Arms crossed across chest
  • Soft throws to partner so they can catch it

Adapting for children with disabilities:

We encourage you to adapt any of the tasks to meet the needs of any of the children participating in the Cooperative Fitness Challenge, including any children with disabilities. Feel free to use the child's IEP or use any of the variations we list here to assist you.

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