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California State Univ. Dominguez Hills Online PE Programs (PDF)

California State University, Dominguez Hills Department of Kinesiology offers several online graduate teacher preparation classes for physical educators. For information, contact, Dr. Carole Casten at: View them here.

Canisius College Online Masters PE Degree

The program is designed for individuals wishing to become a physical education professional or permanently certifying themselves as a physical educator. You will research cutting edge topics in physical education instruction and learn to apply them to a physical education classroom setting. Coursework does not repeat information from undergraduate learning, but rather extends your study to the next level of learning. While the program does not provide health education certification directly, you can take your undergraduate and graduate health credits to your respective state for health certification approval. You will complete a physical education electronic portfolio as a culmination of your degree including a mission statement, resume, sample lesson plans, and assignments associated with the program.

Fresno Pacific Univ Master of Arts in Kinesiology

Fresno Pacific University’s Master of Arts in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education is fully accredited by WASC, 100% online, and accelerated. The physical education emphasis provides students with a broad understanding of the current physical education practices and supplies the tools necessary to develop standards-based physical education programs. Students can complete the program in either 14 or 17 months. It is designed to allow physical education teachers to work full-time and complete their degree.

University of Houston's Online Master of Education in Physical Education

The University of Houston's Online Master of Education in Physical Education is a degree that you can get on your own time. UH's Department of Health and Human Performance is dedicated to the understanding, development, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Our students are trained to become top coaches, personal trainers, fitness and rehabilitation experts, through online access to experienced professors and challenging and comprehensive classes.

Kent State University Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Program

Kent State University Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program offers two online Adapted Physical Education (APE) graduate courses for in-service physical education teachers. These two courses consist of 100% online (CI 65037 Adapted Physical Education & CI 65592 Practicum in APE). If you are interested in, please contact Dr. Takahiro Sato e-mail or tel 330-672-9299.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Doctor of Education in Kinesiology

Doctor of Education in Kinesiology (Online) at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
UNC Greensboro (UNCG) is offering its EdD in Kinesiology (EdD in KIN) fully online beginning Fall 2014. The EdD in KIN is an interdisciplinary, professional degree program specifically designed for practicing professionals who have a minimum of three years of experience and desire a doctorate that is focused on professional scholarship and practice (leadership, advocacy, and teaching) in Kinesiology. Students can earn their degree (60 credits including their dissertation) in four years; all coursework will be completed online. There are three required campus visits in the summer (Orientation, June 18-20, 2015, Yr 3 Oral Comp Exam and Dissertation Proposal Defense, Yr 4 Dissertation Defense).

Contact Program Director, Dr. Pam K. Brown at for more information.

University of South Florida online MA Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education
This entirely online Masters of Art (MA) degree program in Physical Education Teacher Education is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and features course content presented in Canvas as well as readings from selected physical education textbooks and journals. Additionally, online discussions of current topics and issues are used throughout the program. The courses in this program have been specifically designed to assist current teachers in providing best practices in contemporary physical education K through 12 instruction, curriculum, and evaluation. This philosophy requires that course assignments be mostly project based and relevant to practicing teachers in order that they can apply knowledge gained to their individual teaching settings. Most of the program courses use a project based format where students read and discuss content online and then apply what they have learned in authentic action projects which are then shared online with others. Some courses require projects related to observing, assessing, or teaching K-12 students. The required curriculum is 30 hours or ten 3 hour courses and can be completed in one year, but many students (especially those who have coaching assignments) may take up to three plus years to complete.

University of Southern Mississippi - Online MS in Kinesiology: Physical Education

The fully online Master of Science in Kinesiology: Physical Education Emphasis program is intended to allow students to enroll in online classes, while maintaining their current position. This degree is designed to provide teachers, coaches, and instructors with necessary tools and techniques to improve their classroom success. The fully online master’s degree is comprised of 36 total semester hours, following a suggested course outline of two courses per semester, for six consecutive semesters.

Emporia State HPE Online Graduate Degree Program

Montana State University online courses in sport science

"Sport Physiology" (HHD 550-01), 3 graduate credits, fully online. This science-based course examines the human body's response to sport training and performance and is ideal for students and professionals in exercise science, kinesiology, health and human development, athletic training and coaching, and allied health programs. Participants will study the muscular, neuromuscular, cardio-respiratory, and endocrine systems during physical performance; and examine nutrition, ergogenic aids, body composition, weight control, temperature regulation, and other aspects of athletic training and sports conditioning. Students will also use virtual laboratory experiences to study basic sport testing techniques.

"Sport Nutrition" (HHD 551, 3 graduate credits, fully online). Current sport nutrition knowledge in a science-based course. Learn about carbohydrate, fat, protein, mineral, and vitamin metabolism and function; popular ergogenic aids and sports performance; nutritional quackery in sport; current nutritional recommendations for improved physical performance; fluid and electrolyte needs, use, function, and loss during sport performance; calculation of energy intake, expenditure, and needs for athletes; thermoregulation, fluid balance, and rehydration; and nutritional analyses and consultation techniques.

Ohio University Masters in Coaching

The Ohio University online Master’s in Coaching Education program is nationally-recognized as a leader in preparing coaches to excel at all levels of competition. The comprehensive curriculum focuses on areas of coaching that directly impact athletic performance and is built around NASPE’s “8 Domains of Coaching.” As a result, our graduates are equipped with the technical and leadership skills necessary to maximize team performance and ensure a lasting coaching career.

Van Loan School at Endicott College Online Athletic Administration (M.Ed.) Degree

The Master of Education in Athletic Administration is a 36-credit program for students interested in careers within educational institutions, including secondary schools, colleges and universities; both non-profit and profit-oriented organizations that offer sport fitness, and wellness services; government agencies such as city recreation departments, state parks, and recreation departments; and sport governing bodies at the state, national and international levels. 100% Online One of the most affordable online master’s degrees around, offered by a respected, private, nonprofit institution. Earn your master’s degree online, with one course per 6-week intensive terms.

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