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We enjoy receiving ideas for possible inclusion on PE Central. Your contributions can be sent using our on-line forms located below. We have established criteria and guidelines that will help in understanding what we are looking for in lesson ideas. All contributions are held to the standards set forth in our profession's National Standards and Developmentally Appropriate (PDF) documents. (Note: If you are a University Professor asking your pre-service teachers to submit lesson ideas, first review our Pre-service Teacher Submission Information).

DISCLAIMER: By submitting an idea to PE Central you are agreeing to allow PE Central to publish it on our Web site. You also agree to give PE Central the right to share and sell it in other forms as well (e.g., in other print forms, media, CD-Rom, etc.). In all instances we will give you full credit for the idea and will include both your name and school along with the idea. Please note that some publishing companies consider posting ideas on a Web site as having published the idea and will then not accept it for publication in a journal or other written publication. Proceeds from the sale of items will be used to improve PE Central.


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NOTE: Understand that not all ideas submitted are published on PE Central. In fact, approximately 72% of the submitted ideas do NOT get accepted for publication. It is important to understand that decisions not to publish an idea are NOT personal in any way.

If you are a college student submitting a lesson idea without having your college or university professor review it please share the following link/information with your college professor: Pre-service Teacher Submission Guidelines

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