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Date Published Title Category Grade
4/21/2018 2:19:29 PM Summertime Safety Safety 3-5
4/20/2018 7:20:27 AM Superhero Mindset Motivation 3-5
4/19/2018 10:14:39 AM Academics in Physical Education (Math, English, Sc Common Core in PE 3-5
4/16/2018 10:00:03 AM It's Time! for 60 Minutes Per Day Motivation 3-5
4/16/2018 9:58:12 AM What Color Is Your Plate? Nutrition K-2
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Kids Quote of the Week

A second grader came up to me at the end of a hacky sack lesson and said," I'm really sweating, even my mouth is sweating.
I said," Wow! I didn't know that was possible. He said," Yeah, it's called hydration."

Submitted by Jessica Leenhouts in Buchanan, MI.

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