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Name of Activity:

Horsing Around with Verbs

Academic content:

verb recognition

Purpose of Activity:

To have students read a sentence and locate the verb while staying active.


Some reading ability. Knowledge of locomotor and non-manipulative skills. Previous experience with verb recognition.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Laminated station signs with sentences, as explained in the description. Signs (1-10) posted around the gymnasium. Post the pictures of what the previous station is looking for: a ball, eggs, stable, etc.

Physical activity:

locomotor skills

Description of Idea

Arrange the class into small groups of 2-3 students. Start each group off at a different station to allow appropriate spacing between groups. Try to spread the numbers out so the next number is across the gym, allowing more movement between stations.

Station 1: The dog was running after the ball. The ball is at Station 2 so pretend you are a dog on your hands and feet while performing the verb to get there.

Station 2: The bunny was hopping around the field to find his colorful eggs. The different color eggs are at Station 3 so pretend you are the bunny and perform the verb to get there.

Station 3: The horse was galloping to his stable because of the rain; he did not want to get wet. His stable is over at Station 4 so pretend you are the horse who does not want to get wet and perform the verb to get there.

Station 4: The student was skipping home after school on the sidewalk because he was hungry. His apple is over at Station 5 so perform the verb to get there.

Station 5: The bird was flying around because he couldn't find his keys to enter his birds nest. The bird's keys are at Station 6 so perform the verb to get there to help.

Station 6: The mice were dodging traps in order to find the yummy cheese. The delicious cheese is at Station 7 so perform the verb five times before you reach the cheese.

Station 7: The mice were fleeing from the cat because of the stolen cheese. When you perform the verb to get to Station 8 you will be safe from the cat with a bucket of water.

Station 8: The big Frankenstein was alive and he was transferring weight from one foot to the other with his arms straight out. Perform the verb to get to Station 9 where you will find the doctor for Frankenstein.

Station 9: The monkeys were chasing the bananas with their arms waving in the air. Perform the verb and get those bananas at Station 10.

Station 10: The small fish are twisting their bodies back and forth in order to swim to the food. Make a fish face and put your arms together in front of you like you are swimming. Don't forget to perform the verb with your body to get to Station 1.

Assessment Ideas:

Assess locomotor skills using an appropriate rubric. Assess verb recognition through observation of student movements between stations.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

In each sentence you can give some sort of hint to the verb such as underlining it or making it a different color. You can also change the second part of the sentence and write: Station 1 -- The dog was running after the ball. The ball is at Station 2 so pretend you are a dog and RUN on your hands and feet to get there.

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Submitted by Chris Katzman in Robbinsville, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/19/2010.

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The only thing that bugged me is that Frankenstein IS the doctor. NOT the monster. The monster is just called, "The Monster."

Horsing Around with Verbs