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Mission "Possible" Fitness
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Name of Activity: Mission "Possible" Fitness

Purpose of Activity: To have students elevate their heart rate and practice fitness skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Cones, art materials to make exercise cards, gymnastic mats (optional), Mission Impossible Movie Theme Song

Description of Idea

This activity allows students to work together to complete a list of exercises simultaneously. Divide class into six groups. Have each group set up at one of the designated cone (marked 1-6). Each cone will have a Mission Card beside it.

Example of a Mission Card

Mission #1: Complete The Following...

  • Gallop One Lap
  • 30 Shoulder Touches
  • 10 Rockers (need mat for this one)
  • 10 Curl Ups
  • Grapevine One Lap
  • 10 High Jumps
  • 15 Step Ups (on stable bench or stairs)
  • V-sit stretch Left-Right-Middle (Hold for 10 sec. at each)
  • Your Mission Is Complete!

Students can start when they hear the music. You may want to give them a minute to figure out how they are going to do all the tasks together before starting the music. For the Mission to be completed each person in the group must do the activities simultaneously.

On the first day of teaching this you may want to review how someone who is a fast runner could change their speed to accomodate the whole group, give ideas of having a counter for each activity, a motivater, etc.


Be creative with your cards. You can use motor skills such as throwing, kicking, or catching and/or incorporate dance/gymnastics activities.

Teaching Suggestions:

After the warm-up do a self evaluation on how well they they thought they did. Have students rate themselves on how well they worked with their group members, did they help anyone else, and what their effort level was.

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Submitted by Amy Duellman who teaches at Steuart Weller Elementary School in Ashburn, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/19/2015. Viewed 137658 times since 8/24/2001.

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it's a good idea to make up your own activitys

Sammi Bailey

This activity worked wonders with my 3rd and 4th graders. They absoultely loved this game.

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