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Balance Stations
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Name of Activity: Balance Stations

Purpose of Activity: To help students understand the skill of balancing.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: tennis rackets, tennis balls, bean bags, balance boards, balance beam, anything that can be used as "river rocks" (i.e., tires, dome cones, flat circle markers), frisbees, twister, lines on the gym floor

Description of Idea

8 Stations are set up around the gym.

Station 1: Tennis - Balance the tennis ball on the racket. See what you can do while balancing it. (sit down, stand up, walk, jump, spin)

Station 2: Balance Boards

Station 3: Bean Bag Body Balance - Balance bean bags on your body. Try to move around while balancing them.

Station 4: Balance Beam - Walk on the balance beam (forward and backwards), balance on 1 foot.

Station 5: Frisbee Balance - Balance a frisbee on your body. Try to move around while balancing it.

Station 6: "Don't Fall In" - Use various objects that students can step on as river rocks. Tell the student that they must stay on the objects and that they can't fall in the water.

Station 7: Twister - Play twister! If possible have a student helper or an assistant be the spinner. (A suggestion is to have the students take their shoes off as soon as they get to this station. When the whistle blows to move to the next station, the students pick up their shoes and carry them to the next station. As a result, they are not in the way of the next group.)

Station 8: "Tight Rope Walkers" - Use the lines around the floor or floor tape for balancing. Talk to the children about the tight rope walkers at the circus and tell them that they have to look forward, walk toe to heel, go slow, and keep their arms out so that they do not fall off. Since they are using the lines on the floor they are allowed to move around the gym and switch lines. If they come to another student or an object on the floor they have to find another way to go. They are not allowed to run in to anything or move anything.


If you need more stations in order to keep the groups small, a couple additional stations could be:

1) sitting/balancing on a bigger exercise ball/therapy ball, and

2)Using poly foot patterns for the one-foot balance.

Assessment Ideas:

Ask them questions about balancing.
* What do you have to do to balance an object?

* Which station was the hardest? Easiest? Why?

* Define balance.

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Submitted by Melissa Humphrey who teaches at Marbrook & Richardson Park Elementary School in Wilmington, DE. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/16/2006. Viewed 154046 times since 1/16/2006.

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Previous Comments:

Ryan F

How long did you have the kids stay at each station? Is 3-4 minutes too long for these stations?


Exactly what I was after - thanks!

Carolyn B

My kids loved the balance stations. It was a hit! I would ask throughout the entire lesson,"What are we working on?" They would all scream "Balance!" I also used this with my preK group who liked it but next time I will use fewer stations with the little little guys. Thanks!


Great lesson. Thanks for sharing.

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