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Name of Activity:

Jingle Shapes!

Purpose of Activity:

This activity is threefold: It is used as a warm-up to increase the students' heart rate, used as a review of the locomotor skills, and used to increase body and spatial awareness.


Students should know the basic locomotor skills such as skipping, hopping, sliding, jumping, leaping, etc. Students should also be able to move safely in general space.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A strand of jingle bells (you could see if the music department has some you can borrow, or you can buy them at a craft or variety store and string them on ribbon), polyspots (one for each student), pictures of various holiday/winter objects such as a candle, gift, wreath, angel, Christmas tree, ball ornament, snowflake, rocking horse, candy cane, bell, snowman, or train. (Clip art from the computer works well, then the pictures can be enlarged to the size you desire, colored, and laminated so they are more durable. By labeling each picture, the students can get some extra reading/spelling practice.)

Description of Idea

Students begin by standing in self space (marked with a polyspot) in the gym, with the teacher in the middle. Students may not move until they hear the jingle bells. The teacher calls out a locomotor skill and begins jingling the bells, signaling them to start. Students continue performing that skill until the jingle bells stop. At that time they are to FREEZE while the teacher calls out a holiday/seasonal object and holds up the picture. Students then demonstrate body awareness by moving their bodies into the shape of that object, either on the floor or in any safe position. (The teacher should talk about safe and non-safe positions before the warm-up starts.) As students make shapes, the teacher can walk around giving feedback to the students. For example, “I like how you made your hands into the shape of the flame on your candle.” Continue the warm-up, calling out the various locomotor skills and seasonal objects.

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher can observe the students to answer these questions:
1. Are the students performing the proper technique of the locomotor skills?
2. Are students moving safely in general space?
3. Are students moving their bodies into the various shapes of the objects?

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students with motor impairments may move their wheelchairs during the jingle bells and then perform the shapes with their hands and arms.

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Submitted by Bonnie Rodgers who teaches at Crestview Elementary in Carlisle, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/8/2004.

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