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Skiing Pathways
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Name of Activity: Skiing Pathways

Purpose of Activity: Students will demonstrate an understanding of and ability to move in straight, curved, and zigzag pathways

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: 2 paper plates for each student

Description of Idea

After introducing the concept of straight, curved, and zigzag pathways and having students move through general space while making different pathways, give each student a pair of skis (paper plates) to place underneath their feet. Students must keep their feet on the paper plates while listening to the ski instructor (you).

Explain to each student that they are on a mountain. Point out valleys (one side of the gym) and other mountains (other side of gym), where to get hot chocolate (any corner), etc. Tell students they will be skiing today, and that we will have to change their pathways as they move in order not to crash into other skiers.

Ask students then to ski around the mountain using straight, then curved and zigzag, pathways. Observe students to make sure that they are making the correct pathway. Have them ski to the "valley" or "other mountains" or to get "hot chocolate" using different combinations of pathways, for example, like making a spiral into a zig-zag pathway, etc. Then, ask them to design a pattern made up of the different pathways and practice "freestyle skiing" that pattern in the "snow" until they can do it exactly the same each time. If desired and time allows, have students draw these patterns on paper and/or demonstrate their pattern to other students (for example, all boys show the girls and visa-versa). This can also serve as an assessment of students' understanding of pathways.

Note: This activity works best on smooth floors!

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Submitted by Leslie  Dunham who teaches at Prairie View and Pleasant Lea Elementary Schools in Lee's Summit , MO . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/5/2000. Viewed 65678 times since 8/24/2001.

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