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Name of Activity:

Internet Nutrition

Purpose of Activity:

To use the internet to give students an idea of suggested recommendations for daily intake of calories and fat grams and to relate that to the calories and fat that they take in a normal fast food meal.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Handout, Computer with Internet connection for every 2 students

Description of Idea

Note: The following web sites located at Cyberdiet now require visitors to pay for a subscription to use the tools on their web site.

Students write down their preferred fast food restaurant (Use the Nutrition Lab as a guide) and the items they usually choose when they eat there. Next, with two students at each computer, the first website is given and students are informed how to enter the URL and how to arrive at the website.

Fast Food Quest: HREF="">

After arriving at the Web site, each student selects the restaurant they have written down and then selects the food items they have listed. They record the total calories and fat grams for each food item from that restaurant. Students add up the total number of calories and fat grams that they consume at their typical meal at a fast food restaurant.

Once most students are done, they are given the second website:

Nutrition Profile:

Here, students enter their basic body information including weight, height, and age. They will then be given a recommended number of calories and fat grams that they should have per day. They record this data on their sheet.

Finally, they subtract their fast food calories and fat grams from the recommended calories and fat grams to find out how many calories and fat grams they have left to eat after eating just ONE fast food meal. Many students will find that they are close to or even exceed the recommended daily intake for calories and fat grams.

Assessment Ideas:

  • Students complete the handout and reflect on their findings through a short writing. Refer to Nutrition Lab worksheet to guide you through this part.

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Submitted by Kathleen Speakman. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/29/2002.

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I thought the idea sounded good, but it sent me to a dead link when I checked it out. Thanks for the idea.