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Name of Activity:


Purpose of Activity:

To help improve students' cardiorespiratory fitness through continuous activity.


Students need to know how to safely tag and move around others in general space in a safe manner.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

200 plastic straws, 3-4 medium gator-skin balls; 4-8 poly spots, hoops, or bases; a tub to hold the straws.

Description of Idea

Before class, spread the bases out over the playing area. At the beginning of class, explain to students know they will be playing hard today, and not only will this playing be fun, but it will also help their heart! The object is to see if they can keep moving -- either walking or running. Explain the game as follows:

Choose three or four students to start the game as "it". They hold the balls and spread out in general space. All other students start at one end of the gym or playing area. At the signal, students run/jog to the opposite end of the area to get a straw (trying not to get tagged), and then walk or jog back to the endline to begin again. Students continue to get straws throughout the game. Students may stop on a base to keep from getting tagged; only one player may be on a base at a time. If a student is tagged by one of the "its", that student gives one of their straws to the "it", and "it" gives the tagging implement to the student tagged. The old "it" then walks or jogs to the endline to begin playing the game.

When the game is over have students check their pulse to see what their heart rate is. Discuss how continuous activity such as they just played -- even if it has a "break" once in a while -- is what their heart needs in order to be healthy.

Assessment Ideas:

If your school has digi-walkers, these can be used to help assess how much students have been moving.

Teaching Suggestions:

You may need to set a limit as to how long a student can be on a spot. Taggers are not allowed to "guard" a base, waiting for a student to move off. Remind students of safety when moving, especially toward the end line. If your school has heart rate monitors, use them to show students how much their heart rate has increased due to the activity. You can get a box of 1000 small plastic straws from your school cafeteria for free or next to nothing!

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Submitted by Janet  Williams who teaches at Ravenwood Elementary School in Kansas City , MO . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/7/2001.

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