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PE Central is the pre-eminent Web site on the Internet for Health and Physical Education teachers, parents, and students. We have won numerous awards and typically average around 1.5 Million "hits" per month. Click here to read more about PE Central. Contact Mark Manross, Executive Editor, at 540-953-1043 for more advertising information.

Two advertising options available:

1) Commercial Equipment Links (FREE and PAY Options)
2) Equipment Specials

These options, accompanied by their advertising rates, are explained below.

* Commercial Equipment Links (FREE and PAY Options)

Companies maintaining Web sites that sell products of interest to physical educators are able to purchase space on PE Central. This section, called Health & PE Companies/Products, is located on the front page of PE Central. There are two options companies can choose under this section:

1. Free Listing
2. Customized Pay Listing
Companies choosing this option are provided:
  • Company Name
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address (not linked)


Companies choosing this option are provided:
  • A link to their Web site
  • An annotated description of the Web site (you provide this)
  • A small company logo (no larger than 150 X 150 pixels in height and width) that is linked to your Web site. You must supply the image of the logo. See example.
  • Postal Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Linked e-mail address
  • Contact Person Listed (if desired)

COST: $125.00 per year ($10.42 a month)

Our billing cycle is from Aug. 15 - Aug. 14. Companies choosing to advertise during that period of time will have their rates prorated ($10.42 per month) and will be notified in July about yearly renewal.

International Companies: If your company is located outside of the US then you will be asked to send us a check that is cashable in US dollars at an American bank.

* Equipment Specials ($100.00 a month for up to 3 products)

The Equipment Specials section on PE Central allows companies to feature and sell up to 3 products per month of their choice. Included are a photo and a brief description of each product (no more than three). We ask that you provide a picture and a text description (no more than 50-75 words) of each of the products. The size of the pictures needs to be kept to no larger than 250 X 300 pixels in height and width. We prefer you to send that to us in JPG or GIF formats.

NOTE: PE Central will gladly scan and format the pictures from a catalog or other source if you prefer.

In addition, a link to an order form which consumers can print, complete and mail to the company will be provided on that page as well. We prefer that you put the order form into HTML format. Products will remain up and change if and when the company tells us to for the length of the months the company has purchased (i.e., six months). If and when you want to products to change we will need to get your descriptions and pictures of products at least 1 week in advance.

Companies purchasing Equipment Specials will receive a FREE Customized Equipment Link for the duration of their purchase (see above for details).

* Additional Information

To obtain additional information about advertising on PE Central contact Mark Manross by phone: 540-953-1043, e-mail: [email protected] or fax: (800) 783-8124 (USA) (419) 818-1072 (Outside the USA).

Note: Our editorial staff reserves the right to turn down any site that we deem inappropriate in content. ALL Ad Rates and the aforementioned conditions are subject to change.

All income earned through advertising will go directly
towards the development and growth of PE Central.