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Challenge #2: Hula Hooping

PE Central ICON "Ready Position": Position the hoop against the small of the back.

PE Central ICON "Parallel to Ground": Make sure the hoop is parallel to the ground.

PE Central ICON "Spin that Hoop": Normally, if one is right handed the hoop should be spun to the left. However, if one is left handed the hoop should be spun to the right.

PE Central ICON "Move that Waist": To keep the hoop going, move the waist in a circular, rhythmic motion.

PE Central ICON "Bend Knees": Keep knees slightly bent.

PE Central ICON "Arms Up": Sometimes it is helpful to keep arms in the air.

PE Central ICON Choose a larger hoop!

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Submitted by Rob Adkins who is at the University of Maryland in Potomac, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central!