"Board Game" assignment for "First Aid Review"

Assign students to groups, 3 - 4 students per group. Each group will be assigned a topic.


  1. Sudden Illnesses
  2. Burns
  3. Controlling Bleeding/shock
  4. Muscle, bone, and Joint injuries
  5. Hypothermia/heat exhaustion/poisoning

Students will develop a board game using criteria selected by the teacher. The criteria will cover the content areas previously taught throughout the unit. The games will serve as a review activity for the American Red Cross First Aid Certification Exam.

  1. The Completed board games will be placed in different areas of the room as stations.
  2. Each group will begin at a separate station. They will read the rules and play the game with their group members for a period of time selected by the teacher.
  3. When time is up they will rotate to the next station and repeat the process until they have had a chance to play all of the group's games.
  4. At each station there will be one peer evaluation sheet for each group to fill out as a group, evaluating each of the games. (you could have each student fill out an evaluation sheet but this will be very time consuming) The evaluation sheet is based on the criteria for the assignment.

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