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PEC's Web Site Review of the Month: March 2008 by Kelly E. Duell

Aero Pop Dance Site

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Reviewed Site: Aero-Pop Dance Site (

Site Content Area: Dance


This site features current dance moves and lessons to help you incorporate them into your curriculum. There are lesson plans, and video clips that are downloadable, making it convenient to save and access later. The video clips are short in length, clear, and concise. The lesson plans appear to be complete, but keep in mind they are using Canada's standards.

The Look:

The interface is eye-catching, yet simple enough to navigate to find what you are looking for quickly. Definitely a site your students would enjoy checking out.

Site Requirements/Access:

There are many requirements you will need to access this site; the user must have Adobe Flash Player 8+, IE 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+, 1024 x 768 Resolution, QuickTime 7.0+. You can dlownload both Flash and QuickTime, plus a brief troubleshooting link.

To access the site you must click on the Enter Site link on the top right corner of the page. Depending upon your internet connection, it can take a little bit of time to load their landing page.

The Features:

The Kids "locker" features many categories, however many of these pages are "coming soon" so they are currently unavailable. The first category is "Learn to Aero-Pop" which has a link to view video clips of the various dances. This link opens a new window, which has a list of all the various lessons available by number, not title. To the right of each video clip there is a small PDF file image, which is the downloadable corresponding lesson plan. We sure wish they titled each lesson according to the skill - not by a number. On the top of the page you will find 3 large PDF images: Warm-ups, Curriculum, and Grading. Warm-ups is a general warm-up routine to be used for all lessons and a few teacher tips. Curriculum is a spreadsheet with the various dance moves, which lesson they correspond to, and what skill level. Downloading this file first will make it a lot easier to figure out which skill is what lesson. The Grading PDF is not a comprehensive grading scale nor does it contain specific rubrics or criteria, it is just a basic guideline that the teacher would need to elaborate on to utilize it in their curriculum.

The other categories within the Kids Locker are the Team, Podcasts, Fun Stuff, Team Live, their contest, and a Feedback form, which is really only a link to their email address. Unfortunately most of these are "coming soon" at the time of this review, and only give a brief description of what will be on that page. The Fun Stuff page has a few things that the younger students might enjoy downloading such as a screensaver or a journal page.

In the Parents Locker, you will find some different links such as Canada's Food Guide and facts about being healthy. Of course the curriculum page with the video clips can be accessed from here as well. There are a few little blurbs about how to integrate their program into your school and further links to articles written about their program.

There is not much other information contained in the Teachers' Locker that is new or different from the other two lockers, except for a statement that the lessons are school board-approved (for Canada).


Keep your eyes peeled as this site develops, and adds content to their coming soon pages. If you can stand the wait time, playing and saving each of the 33 video clips would be well-spent time. The lesson plans are thorough and can be used without modification. Overall, this site has potential, so let's wait and see what they do next!

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