Sites Featuring Videos

PE Central's Media Center

Videos showcasing physical education teaching, public service announcements, and special programs like the PE Central Challenge.

Edutopia's Video Center

Videos showcasing education, community and integration in the classroom. Wonderful videos.

Special Olympics Video Center

Wonderful videos about people involved with the special olympics.

Aero Dance Site

Dances shown with videos.

Kid-Fit PreK Site

View a free PreK-K activity on the site each month just for preschool or Kindergarten teachers. There is a different one available each month for either warming up, strengthening, stretching, sports skills or aerobic exercise. Each will have directions on exactly what to do and a suggested song to the visitor. Check it out every month!

After School Activity Sites

A site that not only writes out the activities that can be used in or out of school but they are demonstrated with videos too.

Fitness Fun Forever Activity Video Samples

Several fitness activities are featured here at this site.

Mott Road Elementary PE Program Videos

Check out the cool videos of their DDR room and the terrific sneaker wall.