Physical Education Program Web Sites

The following is an annotated list of PE programs who maintain their own Web site.

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Amelia Earhart Middle School PE Program

This web site for the Earhart PE program in Riverside, California incorporates a variety of multimedia resources such as audio, video, and PowerPoint presentations to attract students' interest, as well as web links, individual teacher web pages, and a monthly calendar that corresponds with the day's lesson or unit plans.

Annandale Terrace ES

This web site was designed as an overview of our Physical Education program and as a resource for Physical Educators.

Armel Elementary Physical Education

This is the Physical Education web site for Armel Elementary School. This web site contains a unit schedule for the entire year, the Virginia State Standards of Learning for Physical Education, and a contact your P.E. Teacher page. The most unique feature of this web site is the exercise tracker. Students and staff members can enter any exercise they do outside of school hours and the Physical Education department tracks it for the entire school year. Students names are displayed on the gymnasium wall when they meet certain exercise time benchmarks and any participants are awarded a certificate during the assembly at the end of the year.

Armstrong Elementary School PE Program

Armstrong Elementary school is a K-3 school in Westborough, Massachusetts. This site, designed by Nathan Jyringi, features original printable fitness calendars, word searches, and also quizzes which students can take online! There is an educational games page, as well as pictures and projects from our Physical Education Program. Teachers, please visit and feel free to use any of the clip art and images for your own site or classes!

Applecreek Elementary School Physical Education

Lots of info about what we are doing in our physical education classes grades 1-6.

Aviston Elementary School

This physical education web site aims to provide pertinent physical education information for students, teachers, parents as well as physical educators. This site contains links for standards, nutrition, pictures from PE classes, curriculum, and a variety of other sources. This website was designed and is updated by Aviston Elementary School PE teacher, Jesse Essenpreis. Aviston Elementary is a K-8 building with one PE teacher.

Beecher Hills PE Web Site

Ms. Carmon's Physical Education Web Site contains unit and lesson activities, along with appropriate state standards (in Georgia). Additionally, pictures and videos are shared.

Benkelman Elementary Physical Education Program

Bethlehem Central Middle School PE Program

Mr. Wood, the physical education teacher, designed this web page to help parents and community members keep updated on the happenings of their child's Physical Education class. While there is no substitute for being present in class the information below will allow for you and your child to see that physical education is not just throwing out the ball anymore or playing dodge ball or kickball.

Blaine Elementary PE Page

Website designed for students, parents and PE professionals as a resource for physical education.

Birch Elementary Physical Education Program

Website for Birch Elementary School PE program. Includes information about the PE program, local sports links, National Standards, and other PE links.

Black Mountain Middle School Physical Education Program

San Diego middle school athletic website from Poway Unified School District.

Bloomington Junior High School

This is the site of the Bloomington Junior High School Physical Education Department. Our objective is to be able to supply information to both students and parents that might better inform them of how our classes operate.

Cedar School Physical Education Web Page

This elementary physical education program (based on Laban's movement framework) site contains the following information: a curriculum overview, information on major program areas - games, gymnastics, dance, physical activity/physical fitness, the value of physical education, and the need for physical education in schools. Motto: Mens et Corpus.

Charles City Elementary Physical Education and Health Program -Virginia

Purpose: To help students acquire the knowledge, processes, and skills, needed to engage in meaningful activities in the present and for a lifetime. Instruction is based on the Virginia Physical Education and Health SOLs as well as academic SOLs for each grade level. "Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships: Educational Excellence for Every Child, Every Day!"

Clark County School District Physical Education

The official district PE site of Clark County Schools (Nevada) includes curriculum, standards, resources, advocacy videos, and program highlights.

Claymont Elementary School Physical Education Website

This website lets the world see our physical education program in actioin. Those that are not familiar with Claymont Elementary can meet our staff, view pics of kids in action and learn more about our PE program.

Clifton Middle School Health and PE Site

This site offers information concerning the Health and PE program as well as info on fitness testing, Virginia Standards of Learning, links to sports and wellness sites and more.

Coe-Brown Northwood Academy PE Dept

This site is used by our Freshman and Electives classes.

Design and Senior High School (DASH) Physical Education Program

This is the official website of Jason Menoutis, Physical Education Teacher at Design and Architecture Senior High School (DASH). This website was designed by Jason Menoutis to educate students, parents, and community members. The DASH physical education program is a
comprehensive program that promotes life long fitness and health literacy.

Edward Fenn Elementary Physical Education Program

Provides general information to students, parents, community and colleagues about the Edward Fenn Elementary school's Physical Education Program. Mr. Larivee is the teacher.

Eagle Hill Middle School Physical Education

This site describes the physical education program at Eagle Hill Middle School, contains useful links for students and parents, as well as study guides to help students prepare for their quizzes.

Fairview Charter PE Teacher Blog

This site was designed and is maintained by Michael Beringer the Physical Education Specialist teacher at Fairview Charter School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purpose of this site is to provide beneficial information to students, parents and teachers as well as to keep them updated on the latest activities going on in Physical Education class. Fairview School is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are a full inclusion school of 630 students from K4 through 8th Grade. The students here at Fairview receive Physical Education once a week for 45 minutes.

Farmington Middle School-West Physical Education Home Page

Home page for the Physical Education Department at Farmington Middle School-West in Farmington, MN. All program and class information is posted: curriculum, policies, study guides, handouts, lecture presentations, unit schedule, class pictures, etc. Links to other useful sites are listed as well.

Fox Creek Elementary Physical Education

The site is designed to help students learn how to do 25 different basic jump rope tricks. Each trick has a video showing how to do the trick. There are cues with each video. Every video has what the trick looks like in real time, but also in slow motion. Depending on the trick, there is a zoomed in look at what makes the trick special. Sometimes it is the feet, other times it is the hands. There is also a front and side views of each trick. Again, depending on what the trick need focus on. Students use the website in PE to learn the tricks and put together a jump rope routine.

Frederick H. Tuttle Midle School Physical Education

An informational web site containing important rules and guidelines for Frederick H. Tuttle Middle School Physical Education program.

Hamilton Heights Elementary School PE Web Site

This web site, designed by PE teacher Thomas Clark, details the Elementary Physical Education Program at Hamilton Heights Elementary. Contains a plethera of useful information as well as numerous pictures which help to explain the curriculum, philosophy, expectations,and goals of the program. Includes links to THR calculator, BMI calculator, nutrition values of foods, teaching standards, virtual web games, and an exploration of the heart.

Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts: Jacqueline Wheeler's walking club

This is the website for a walking club that I started at our school. Students walk to a different location each year, and we have partnered with AAA of the Carolinas to provide maps and prizes to all walkers. This club was originally started as a way for kids to increase fitness levels while waiting for the school day to begin, but has become a community club. A Captain/Mentor program was developed to provide assistance as over 100 children walk a day. I also assigned Jr. Captains to train for the next year, and a newsletter is in the works. The club continues to grow and evolve, and the club is also selling water each morning to pay for its own end-of-year picnic. Future projects include charity events, future fundraisers, and a monthly newsletter, written by students, for students, that discuss health issues.

Immokalee Community School Physical Eduation (Coach Z)

My students are the best! My website likes to highlight all of the engaging and motivational things that students are doing during physical education at the Immokalee Community School! From the Immokalee Fit Kids 26.2 Marathon to the active gaming learning center, there are pictures, videos and information for parents, students and other teachers to use as motivational tools in our quest to encourage physical activity for a lifetime! Enjoy!

Knox Doss Middle School at Drakes Creek

Middle School Physical Education classes offered to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Lakeside Elementary School PE Program

Lakeside Elementary's Physical Education Webpage is a collection of links for students and current events.

La Monte Elementary

The purpose of this site to inform students, parents, and staff what is going on in the P.E. environment.

Leopold Primary School

My site gives my readers a look at what makes up my PE program. I try to take a snap shot at what I am doing each week and document the highlights as they come up. Always looking to share and always open to exchanges.....

Linden Elementary

This website describes my Physical education program and all of the exciting things being learned in PE. Students, parents, staff, teachers are able to visit this website to view what kind of program is being taught and what there is to come throughout the school year.

Liverpool Central Schools Planet PE

This site is rated by age appropriateness and has sections for techers, parents and kids alike. Sport specific website listings help students and teachers locate just what they need.

Lorane Elementary School PE

This physical education site includes many language arts integration ideas, a list of read-a-louds to use in P.E. class, as well as videos of performances, yearly overview brochures, and other ideas.

Lowell Middle School

The site we have created is being very well put together. We have separated each of the PE/Health teachers on the left so that we have our own website. By doing this students have a better idea of where to go. If you go to my site (Mr.Childress) you can see that I have a link to my 8th grade blog. My 8th grade blog has student assignments, projects, student projects and skits uploaded, and calenders. Mr. Willmann also uses a blog if you click on his website and has also used the new Flip we got to make a 8th grade dance highlight.

Mahomet-Seymour Jr. High Physical Education

This is a comprehensive Web Site for the physical education curriculum at Mahomet-Seymour Jr. High in Mahomet Illinois.

Maples Elementary Physical Education

Information for the parent, but also lots of pictures of students participating in curricular activities-and more!

Marble Elementary School

A school PE site that allows parents and students to see special activities, vocabulary, cool PE links, and more!

Minerva Deland School

This is a basic Description of our PE program units with links to our study guides and several resources.

Nancy Reynolds Elementary

The PE program mission at Poplar Springs Elementary and Nancy Reynolds Elementary is to ensure that each of its students appropriately develops in the areas of motor skills, movement concepts, health-related fitness and personal and social responsibility. All students will experience a positive learning environment that will provide knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to transform them into a physically literate individual. A physically literate student will learn what to do, how to do it, have the motivation to do so both alone and with others, and value the behaviors required to participate in a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

Nichols Elementary School

An elementary P.E. blog for sharing creative Physical Education activities and practices.

Nichols Middle and Mary K. Goode

This site is designed by Meghan Boyle who is the PE Teacher at Nichols Middle School and Mary K. Goode Elementary. It contains useful information (standards, resources, and purpose) about the programs at both schools.

Mott Road Elementary Physical Education Page

Come and learn about the physical education program at Mott Road Elementary School. See what is taught each month, as well as look at pictures and video of some of our activities. You can also see how what is taught is assessed for each student.

Mr. B's Slate Creek PE Page

This site contains pictures of activities, links to cool PE/Health related sites, curriculum information, fitness information and lots of other stuff useful to parents and students. Updated monthly.

North Park Physical Education

The Physical Education site of North Park School serves as an informational tool to parents, students, and community members. I try to provide current information and pictures describing what is happening in our program. Events such as our Kindergarten circus, Field Days, and grade level activities are included. Special events are also highlighted. Children and parents alike enjoy browsing the different pages in our site.

Northside Elementary School PE Website

This website provides information on health, nutrition, activities, etc. that have to do with children's Physical Education.

Northwestern Elementary School

Information and weekly activities with pictures and videos of Mrs. Miller's Physical Education classes.

Ola Middle School Physical Education Page

O'Neill Elementary School

A site devoted to fitness and using technology in PE to engage students to become more engaged in PE in as many ways as I can
think of . I use this site to help me stay organized as a PE teacher and a coach. It serves as my "golf bag", holding all of most important teaching
and coaching with technology materials together in one easy to get to spot!

Osuna Elementary School Physical Education Page

This site is dedicated to keeping our community in Albuquerque New Mexico and all over, informed about the importance of physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. It was designed by Jason Tainter, PE teacher at Osuna Elementary and it strives to help all that view it with educational ideas and helpful links.

Pashley Elementary PE Page

PE Wesite with a blog built right in.

Pate's Creek Elem PE

Website designed for students and parents to connect with local fitness resources as well as school PE activities.

Pickett's Mill Elementary Physical Education

This physical education web site, designed by Pete Charrette, aims to provide pertinent physical education information for students, teachers, parents as well as physical educators. It includes program units, weekly lesson plans, rules, expectations, pictures, with links for students, parents, and P. E. teachers.

Pioneer Elementary Physical Education

P.E. Website for Pioneer Elementary in Auburn, Wa and the website for the Auburn Elite, P.E. Demonstration Team.

PYPPE with Andy

A comprehensive pe website highlighting the sportfolio, ideas for teaching and assessment, and sample student work.

Rogers Public Schools Physical Education Department

One of the largest school districts in Arkansas - taking pride in the physical education department. The site includes curriculum, resources, community involvement, professional links, kids links, and much more.

Round Hill Elementary School PE

Our schools physical education Web site provides information for our students, parents and community on ways to keep kids moving and how the family can play together. Our website provides information on monthly family fitness nights, bi-weekly nutritional information, articles published by our physical education teacher, and a book he is trying to publish. Stop in and visit us. You won't be disappointed.

Shawsheen School

General information on this school's Physical Education and Health program.

Sherrills Ford Elementary Physical Education

An overview of physical education activities and objectives of a K-5 elementary school located near Charlotte, NC. Check us out!

Sierra Vista Middle School PE Site

I use my site as a teaching tool to get my students interested in physical activity, health/nutrition, lunchtime intramural sports, and school wide activities. My site features a calendar of the sports I play each year, how our fitness gram days work, weekly health journals, details of how my P.E. class works, calendar of the lunchtime sports offered. For each sport I post a team roster, standings and schedule. There are pictures posted of the participants. I have a links button to different websites, a weekly health fact, daily news and updates from Mr. Caldwell, a bio of myself and much more.

Sierra Vista Jr. High PE Website

This Web site is a comprehensive look at our PE curriculum. It has bios of the teachers, top 10 list for runners, student of the month, survivor activities, fitness conditioning program, and intramurals.

South Bristol School Physical Education

This site keeps parents, students and staff members up to date on what's going on in physical education at South Bristol School. In addition it has information about our jump rope program and>circus arts club. Many videos are posted along with resource for student use.

Springman Middle School - The World of Kieronski

A comprehensive glimpse into the world of activities from world championships to captured video moments of students participating in different activities. Videos, descriptions of curriculum, handouts, research and information related to all things P.E. are posted on this website.

St. Bonafice School

This contains some of the games and activities that we do in class. It also includes a forum, pictures, and a blog among many other things. This site is still in the beginning stages and being updated regularly.

St. Francis Independent School District 15 - Mr. Studnicka's Website

My elementary physical education wedsite. See pictures and videos organized by the students classroom teacher. View grade level assessment rubrics with accompanying videos. View comprehensive daily lessons embedded in my calendar. Great tool for parent and student communication to promote a healthy active lifestyle.

St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School PE Program

Get Active & Make Healthy Choices!!! That's our motto. My website showcases the accomplishments of our K-4 thru 8th grade students. Check out the students in action, the Active Lifestyle Awards, our school records, and Running Club News.

Tamaqua Health and Physical Education Web

Tamaqua's health and physical education program is a comprehensive program that promotes life long fitness and health literacy. Included on our web site is the philosophy behind providing accurate health information to help students make responsible decisions and continue physical activity throughout their life.

Ute Pass Elementary Physical Education Blog

Welcome to Ute Pass Elementary‚s P.E. blog! We are a small mountain school located in Chipita Park, Colorado and a part of Manitou Springs School District 14. This blog was designed so that the parents and students of UPE know what is going on in Physical Education. It is also a good resource for other P.E. teachers to get ideas and suggestions. Again, welcome and we hope you have fun exploring our blog!

Valley Elementary School - Ginger Aaron's Physical Education Blog

This blog is a tool used to communicate to mystudent's parents. Additionally, I have sections devoted to brain research, recess research, and teacher/future professional resources. In addition to my blog being useful to my student's parents, I hope other physical educators find it useful as well.

Valparaiso Elementary School Physical Education Program

This site was designed and is maintained by Linda Holloway a Physical Education teacher at Valparaiso Elementary School which is located in Northwest Florida. The school is a K-5 school with inclusion for hearing impaired, varied exceptionalities and physically impaired. We have physical education for 30 minutes 5 days a week for all students. The main resources that we use to implement our skill theme program are Children Moving by George Graham, Shirley Holt/Hale, and Melissa Parker and Teaching for Outcomes in Elementary Physical Education by Christine Hopple. Our program includes and is continually striving to meet all the Florida Sunshine State Standards. This site also provides excellent information on field day stations and activities.

Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy - Mr. Pettiford's Healthful Living Page

This is a user-friendly webpage for students, parents, and other professionals to connect with my classes and know what's going on in the world of healthful living. My classes change between health and physical education every 6-8 days, and so this website is updated each exchange to keep everyone up to date. Health class activities are occasionally posted to keep students that miss days in the loop and from falling behind. Bulletin boards are posted on the site that coincide and reinforce current health units and promote health knowledge of faculty,staff, students, and parents.
This website also serves as the basis of many technology related activities in the classroom. Students will find their health grade tab, and then use teacher-provided links to do (safe and appropriate) research. There are also electronic calculators for bmi, heart rate, and projected distance running times. Students and parents may also use this site to find community recreational activities on the 'health links' tab.

Warrensburg Middle School PE Site

This site is maintained by Jo Dixon, a member of the PE Staff at Warrensburg Middle School. You will find updates on the units they are doing and have completed and information about the Digi-walkers that the students use on a regular basis. Make sure you check out the learning cues for each of the units they teach.

Wellsville Middle School Physical Education

This site is designed and maintained by Marc Agnello from Wellsville Middle School in Wellsville, New York. It includes a variety of helpful information for students, including current homework assignments, grading policies and rules, message board, blog, and links to various physical education and health resources on the Internet.

Westerville North High School Physical Education Program

Tools, information and resources for students (and teachers) taking Mr. Poynters high school level Health and Physical Education classes.

White Center Heights Physical Education

This site provides students, parents, administrators and community members with information about our program. Visitors will learn about current events in PE, what PE looks like, expectations, links to various sites where students can play and learn more about various topics covered in our program.
Additional resources such as fitness calendars, quizzes and homework can be found as well. Please use any resources or images you like. This site is modified on a continual basis. Feel free to email me for further suggestions to improve the site's effectivenes s are encouraged. Enjoy!

Whitehall Elementary School

The purpose of this site is to educate students, parents, and other professionals about the Physical Education program at Whitehall Elementary School and provide a valuable physical education resource for all. In class students earn essential skills such as: Critical thinking, Problem solving, Creativity, Motor Skills, Cooperation, Conflict resolution, Communication, Self-Confidence, and Performance diagnostics all while increasing fitness levels. Enjoy your in-depth look into our Physical Education Program!

Williams Elementary School

Updates the site by the same name that is listed in PE Central. This site is actually a blog. I have found it easier to keep constantly updated for the students and parents that both attend our school and that attended in the past. The blog keeps an ongoing record of our PE lessons, activities, pictures and themes by week, and also keeps track of the weekly intramural football league action at the start of the year. There are also links created to our school "Mile of Fame" with updates, "school records", "past Presidential Award winners", links to other important PE sites, including the Presidents Challenge scoring criterion. Future plans include link to weekly updates and pictures of our intramural basketball league and other creative motivational ideas for my physical education program.

The World of Kieronski - Springman Middle School

A comprehensive glimpse into the world of activities from world championships to captured video moments of students participating in different activities. Videos, descriptions of curriculum, handouts, research and information related to all things P.E. are posted on this website.

Yarbrough Elementary

This site provides information about our rules, philosophy, programs, lessons, and displays a news section. We also have a technology section which includes research in PE, student powerpoints, a photo gallery, and video highlights on the skills learned during each unit.