Individuals With PE Web Sites

The following is an annotated list of PE teachers who maintain their own Web site.

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Mr. Caldwell's Sierra Vista Middle School PE Site

I use my site as a teaching tool to get my students interested in physical activity, health/nutrition, lunchtime intramural sports, and school wide activities. My site features a calendar of the sports I play each year, how our fitness gram days work, weekly health journals, details of how my P.E. class works, calendar of the lunchtime sports offered. For each sport I post a team roster, standings and schedule. There are pictures posted of the participants. I have a links button to different websites, a weekly health fact, daily news and updates from Mr. Caldwell, a bio of myself and much more.

BITS and BYTES/Gerry Cernicky

The site details valuable information for links, resources, tips and drills, helpful hints, health/fitness tips, web sites, specialty programs, PE content and mission statement. The developmentally appropriate games/activities are changed each week.

Dave Gable's Physical Education Page

Information for students and other educators. Main topics include Dave's Bio, 6th and 7th Student Grades, Phys Ed & School Info., Sample Lesson Notes, 6th Grade Homework and Worksheets, Games, 6th Grade Study Guide, Critical Elements, 6th Grade Tests, Gable's Pole Vault Team / Camp, Fitness Testing, Oregon State Education Program, National Standards, Oregon Standards, Links, Resources and 1/05/05 - Conference notes on Bullying and Harassment

Mr. G's PE Page

The site features a variety of Physical Education resources for parents, kids and professionals. It contains lessons, links, philosophy statements, pictures and lots of fun graphics and trivia. Visitors will find updates on our fitness clubs; the Pennsylvania Walkers, ACES, and the Healthy Heart Club.

Physical Education Fun with Dennis Gildehaus

Physical Education Fun is the place to go for great lesson ideas and easy links to great physical education sites. PEFUN is also the portal to the PEFUN forum where you can share ideas and post thoughts.

Mr. Hendrick's PE Website

Mr. Hendrick's PE website is designed to help students actively engage themselves in the elementary PE program. Through the website, you will find video clips of appropriate skill development, nutritional links, community activities, wellness, and a link to our Jump Rope for Heart program.

Mrs. Hjelm's Home Page

The purpose of the Web site is to provide parents and students with information about the physical education program in general as well as special events such as Parent Visitation and Jump Rope for Heart. The site is run by PE teacher Mrs. Hjelm. There are links for parents to obtain more information about the importance of physical education and leading an active lifestyle. Students can access links to sites like Kid's Health and Sports Illustrated for Kids. An e-mail link allows two way communication between school and home.

Ms. J's Physical Education Homepage

The web page contains a welcome; layout of our PE program; PE links; class schedules; upcoming events; special presentations; community news and activities; lesson plans; extracurricular activities; quotes, etc.; assessment tools; and many other activities. Included are samples of various programs that we do at our school. The site, also, includes links to outside sources.

Stephen C. Jefferies Home Page

Stephen is a professor in the Department of Physical Education, Health, & Leisure Services at Central Washington University. His site features links to other education related web sites, the courses he teaches, and you can get information about purchasing the award winning Assessing Learning in Physical Education Motor Skills Videotape which was shot on location in the state of Washington. Check out his PELINKS4U PE Newsletter!

Cindy Kuhrasch

Cindy Kuhrasch is a Heath/Physical Education Teacher in Barneveld, WI. This page is designed as a sort of index to Health and Physical Education resources. Here you will find everything from general resources such as PE Central, to area specific sites such as the Developmental Gymnastics site by John Williams. Also there are links to appropriate teacher resources that make your search for equipment easy and successful. This site also features a health lesson and PE lesson of the month.

Susan Patrick

Susan is a K-8 physical educator at Little Flower which is a Catholic School in Cincinnati. Her site contains links to health, nutrition, P.E., sports, and a few miscellaneous "fun" sites. It also provides a few links especially for kids along with some reference sites for teachers as well as parents & students.

Allison Poulos PE Site

This is an elementary P.E. website which offers weekly e-mails with lesson ideas.

Len Saunders ACES Day Page

Len Saunders is a PE teacher in New Jersey and organizes a program each year called Project ACES. The Project ACES web page is designed to give you information on how to participate in this exciting event. Can you imagine millions of children from all 50 states and almost 50 countries exercising together all at once? What a great way to motivate children to exercise. Your children will feel special getting involved in this massive exercise event. Who knows, maybe this could be the start of a lifelong habit of daily exercise!