Outdoor Recreation Web Sites

The Backpacker
This site provides a bunch of information about backpacking in non-technical terms. Check out the Backpacker Basics section and read about the essentials to backpacking. The link, Trail Talk, found in the Voice Your Opinion section has some interesting narratives and tips from some folks who go backpacking regularly.
Great Outdoor Recreation Page (GORP)
This can be considered as an online newsletter, complete with feature story links, attraction listings and ratings, and a well-organized travel assistance page. The Activities link offers an extensive list of outdoor activities. Some of the activities contained in GORP do provide a –how-to” section that details techniques needed to participate in the activity. Check out the Gear link to learn more about what exactly is needed for each activity. The FAQ's & INFO link also provides some basic information about some of the activities.
Leave No Trace Program
The Leave No Trace Program is a nationally recognized educational system that promotes land stewardship, minimum-impact skills, and wilderness ethics. A basic tenet of the program is for recreational users of the back country to become aware of their impact on the land and knowledgeable about how to reduce it. There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link that allows you to learn more about the Leave No Trace Program.