Girls and Women Sport Web Sites

National Association for Girls and Women in Sport
This is the leading organization for equity issues in sports -- champions equal funding, quality, and respect for girls' and women's sports programs.
Women's Sports Foundation
This quality Web site is an action and education-oriented reflection of their mission to ensure sports participation and leadership opportunities for all girls and women.
Women and Girls in Sports
Lots of important information here. Check out the Disabled Women in Sports Section.
Melpomene Institute
The Melpomene Institute (a non-profit organization) helps girls and women of all ages link physical activity and health through research, publication and education.
Physical Activity & Sport in the Lives of Girls (The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Report)
This web site is a report that looks at "the complete girl" through an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the impact of physical activity and sport participation. The conclusions are striking: regular physical activity can reduce girls' risk of many of the chronic diseases of adulthood; female athletes do better academically and have lower school drop-out rates than their nonathletic counterparts; and, regular physical activity can enhance girls' mental health, reducing symptoms of stress and depression and improving self-esteem.
Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport
The Tucker Center is dedicated to exploring how sport, recreation, and physical activity affect the lives of girls and women. The first of its kind in the country, it is an interdisciplinary center leading a pioneering effort on significant research, education, community outreach, and public service.
Women Sports Jobs
The leading online career center for women in sports related career fields. Includes nationwide database of jobs, career seminars, resme and interviewing support, networking events and more.
Real Sports Magazine
This Web site features REAL SPORTS magazine which is the authority for girls' and womens' sports coverage. Great action-photography and well written articles that celebrates women's sports is what you'll get. No fluff, just great stories about great athletes.
World Wide Web Women's Sports Page