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Peaceful Playgrounds Blog
The list of topics represent topics which include: Physical Education, recess, physical activity, playgrounds, childhood obesity, nutrition and free resources. You can subscribe free via email or check daily for postings. Join in the conversation!
Mr. Kieronski's Springman Physical Education Page
This all-encompassing site offers resources for parents, students and other professionals. Links to examples of written coursework, lesson plans, creative games and events happening around the world are available and so much more! If you visit this site, you will know it's not your typical P.E. program.
Get Your Blog in Shape (J. H. House Elementary School)
"Get Your Blog in Shape" is a blog (online journal) that is sponsored by my school that discusses health & fitness issues, what is going on in Physical Education class, and other relevant topics (such as field day as it approaches). The blogs are view by our students, teachers, parents, community members and a variety of people across the United States. Our students respond to a post - make comments on what is discussed - or answer any questions that might have been posed by the post. It offers a great way to interact with our students and get them thinking about fitness even when they are not in Physical Education class.
Williams Elementary School
Updates the site by the same name that is listed in PE Central. This site is actually a blog. I have found it easier to keep constantly updated for the students and parents that both attend our school and that attended in the past. The blog keeps an ongoing record of our PE lessons, activities, pictures and themes by week, and also keeps track of the weekly intramural football league action at the start of the year. There are also links created to our school "Mile of Fame" with updates, "school records", "past Presidential Award winners", links to other important PE sites, including the Presidents Challenge scoring criterion. Future plans include link to weekly updates and pictures of our intramural basketball league and other creative motivational ideas for my physical education program.
Osuna Elementary PE Blog by Jason Tainter


Gerry Cernicky's Podcasts/Blog
Information from Gerry about physical education.