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Effective Teaching Skills and Strategies in Physical Education Presenters

This page features workshop presenters whose expertise is demonstrating to physical education teachers numerous teaching skills that will help you more effectively teach students in PE class.

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Brent Heidorn
Brent Heidorn
Location: Carrollton, GA (Univ. of West Georgia)
Grade Levels: K-12 and College PE
Teaching Experience: 15+ years, K-12 physical education and university level.
Presentation Experience: 10+ Years
Willing to present locally and throughout the USA. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Dr. Brent Heidorn is an associate tenured professor in the College of Education at the University of West Georgia, and was recently appointed as Assistant Dean for Research and Assessment in the College of Education (2015). Prior to this appointment, Brent was the program coordinator of the Health and Physical Education Teacher Education program in the Department of Leadership and Instruction, where he has served since 2007. Prior to his appointment at the University of West Georgia, Brent received his doctoral degree in Physical Education from the University of South Carolina (2004-2007) and worked for eight years as a physical education teacher and coach at the middle and high school levels (1997-2004). His educational degrees include a B.S. in Health and Physical Education from Bob Jones University, M.A. in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University, and a Ph.D. in Physical Education Pedagogy from the University of South Carolina. Brent’s leadership and service activities include active membership in SHAPE America, and Past-President of the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (GAHPERD). He has been actively involved with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) serving on a variety of committees at the national level, including three years on the Physical Education Steering Committee, the Awards Committee, and the Publications Committee. Brent continues to serve SHAPE America through the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP). He is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, is on the Editorial Review Board for Quest and Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators, and is the Publications Editor of The GAHPERD Journal. Brent also served as the Editor for the Theory to Practice column in Strategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators. Brent has received numerous awards including the SDAAHPERD Taylor Dodson Young Professional Award, the University of West Georgia College of Education Faculty Outstanding Service Award, and the Robert W. Moore Professional Recognition Award and the Young Scholar Award from the Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Brent’s research interests include comprehensive school physical activity programs, physical education teacher education and supervision, and sport pedagogy. He has more than 50 authored or coauthored articles, chapters, reports, or reviews; and he has given more than 120 professional and scholarly presentations, in addition to numerous professional development workshops.

Presentation Topics:

  • Best practice in K-12 physical education – effective instruction, curriculum, current research, current trends and issues
  • Skill development in physical education – a variety of content areas
  • Physical activity in physical education – integrating physical activity in PE and classroom based instruction
  • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs (CSPAPs)
  • Physical Fitness – fitness games, stations, strength and conditioning for physical education and athletics
  • Exercise Physiology – multiple components; developing fitness from exercise science
  • FitnessGram – all components
  • Coaching and Athletics – philosophy, objectives, communication, motivation, management, planning, training

Sally Hope
Sally Hope
Location: Bowling Green, KY (Western Kentucky Univ.)
Grade Levels: PreK-12 and College PE
Teaching Experience: 26+ years, K-12 physical education and College PE.
Presentation Experience: 20+ Years, Presentation Titles and Descriptions
Willing to present locally and throughout the USA. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Sally Hope’s motivating, “hands on” presentations are presented with knowledge gained in 30+ years of experience teaching diverse populations and grade levels in a wide variety of teaching situations in states spanning the country from Florida to Wyoming. Her most recent experiences have been as a pedagogy instructor at the university level with stints at the University of Louisville, Eastern Kentucky University, Purdue University and Western Kentucky University. In 2006, Sally was selected as KAHPERD’s Outstanding University Physical Educator. She has regularly presented at state, regional and national conventions and workshops for over 20 years. She is a Physical Best Instructor, a PYFP Trainer and a PAL Trainer. Her involvement in state professional organizations and SHAPE America has enabled her to stay abreast of current trends in Physical Education, with particular interest in the areas of best practices, assessment and (everyone’s favorite) new activity ideas!

Presentation Highlights:

Sally has presented 75 + state, regional and national convention sessions, workshops, AAHPERD/SHAPE America workshops. Most recent presentations include:

  • “Teaching the Concepts of P.L.A.Y using the TPSR Model”, SHAPE Convention, 2016
  • “Health Related Fitness: Do It Daily”, KAHPERD Convention, Fall 2016; SHAPE America Southern District Convention, 2015
  • “Health Related Fitness with Physical Best Flair”, AAHPERD Convention, 2014; KAHPERD Summer Institute 2014; KAHPERD Convention 2014
  • “Deviate, Innovate, and Motivate for the Ultimate Fitness Activities!“ SDAAHPERD Convention, 2014
  • “Implementing Best Practices through Motivating Activities”, Constellation Schools, Ohio, 2014

Presentation Topics (See Descriptions):
  • “The Best Activity Ideas I Have Learned From Other Physical Education Teachers”
  • “Best Practices… Don’t Kill the Messenger!”
  • “Assessment: Valid, Standards Based and Painless”
  • “Getting Your School Community Moving”
  • “The Basic Steps to Teaching Physical Education”
  • "Willing to personalize workshop for school district needs"

Cindy Kuhrasch
Cindy Kuhrasch
Location: Madison, WI (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE Teaching Experience: 28 Years Public School teaching Presentation Experience: 20+ Years
Willing to present locally, in the USA and Internationally. Can present throughout the year and is willing to do Keynote presentations.
Cindy Kuhrasch has had the opportunity to teach Health and Physical education to students in grades K-12, and undergraduate students as well. She is currently employed as a faculty associate in the Kinesiology Department at the University of Wisconsin where she teaches courses in methodology, assessment community development and kinesiology. In addition, Cindy has served as a consultant in many school districts, working in the areas of curriculum development, instructional strategies, and technology. Cindy has over 25 years’ experience in course development, implementation and evaluation. She has presented on a wide variety of education topics at state, district, and national conventions, and has written numerous articles published in national educational journals.
Presentation Highlights:

  • Kuhrasch, C. (Presenter & Author), Partnership Network, "Physical Education and In-Service Teachers," School of Education, 2000 Observatory Drive.
  • Kuhrasch, C. (Presenter & Author), Wajciechowski, M. (Presenter & Author), Goodwin, B. (Presenter & Author), Project Based Learning in Physical Education, "Project Based Learning in Physical Education," PE Central, Atlanta, GA.
  • Kuhrasch, C. (Presenter & Author), South Korean Education Delegation, "The State of Physical Education in the United States," External Relations, 2000 Observatory Drive.
  • Kuhrasch, C. N. (Presenter & Author), Teaching & Learning with the iPad 2015, "Meta Teacher Evaluation: Empowering and Informing Teacher Development," Emerging EdTech, Raleigh, NC.

Keynote Topics:

  • The Value of Play
  • Technology
  • Trends in PE
  • Assessment

Presentation Topics:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Assessment
  • The Value of Play
  • Technology
  • PE Methods and Effective Teaching Principles
  • Curriculum
  • And More...!

Scott Ronspies
Scott Ronspies
Location: Charleston, IL (Eastern Illinois Univ.)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE and College PE Teaching Experience: 15+ Years Presentation Experience: 12 Years
Willing to present locally (1-4 hour drive). Can present in the Fall and Spring.
Scott Ronspies is an Associate Professor at Eastern Illinois University in the Department of Kinesiology and Sports Studies. My research interests include physical activity/fitness promotion and assessment in youth, youth obesity, curricular/instructional models, effective teaching constructs, and academic achievement and fitness. The courses I teach at EIU include Elementary Physical Education Content (KSS 2400), Elementary & Secondary Physical Education Methods (KSS 3400/3401), and Graduate Research Methods (KSS 5000). I received my Ph.D. in Sport Pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, fishing, and reading.
Presentation Highlights:

  • Assessment in PE: IAHPERD Fall 2015
  • Indiaca: IAHPERD Fall 2014
  • Sleep and BMI: AAHPERD Spring 2011

Presentation Topics (sample presentation outline):

  • Physical Activity/Fitness Assessment & Promotion of Youth
  • Youth Obesity
  • Body Composition
  • Curricular/Instructional Models
  • Academic Achievement/Physical Fitness
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment and learning
  • Teacher Work Samples
  • Appropriate Practices in PE
  • And More...!

Steve Shelton
Steve Shelton
Location: Christinsburg, VA (Radford Univ.)
Grade Levels: K-5 PE
Teaching Experience: 15 Years Public School teaching
Presentation Experience: 10+ Years | View Presentation Topics and Descriptions
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present throughout the year.
Mr. Steve Shelton became a faculty member in the Department of Health and Human Performance at Radford University (VA) in the fall of 2012. Steve earned his B.S. in Health and Physical Education from Radford University in 1991 and was a member of the men’s cross country team. He coached boys and girls cross country at Christiansburg High School (VA) from 1992-1999 and in the process coached two state championship teams, enjoyed a national ranking in 1994, and was named Timesland Coach of the Year by The Roanoke Times on five occasions. Steve was hired as the physical education specialist at Christiansburg Primary School (VA) in 1993, a position he held for 15 years. After a successful transition to Christiansburg Elementary School (VA) in 2007, he continued his education and earned his M.S. in Physical Education Teacher Education from West Virginia University in 2010 and became a certified Physical Best Health-Fitness Specialist. As an active member of the Virginia Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (VAHPERD) and the West Virginia Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (WVAHPERD), professional activities have included six presentations at the annual VAHPERD state conference since 2008 and five presentations at the WVAHPERD state convention since 2014. The Virginia Journal has published articles Steve authored regarding systematic self-supervision techniques, the association between physical activity and academic progress, and insights related to presenting at professional conventions. Additionally, Steve has become a contributor to the PELinks4U website ( Recent professional activities and honors include continued work on the Lesson Ideas Advisory Board, and in 2011, Steve was nominated and selected on a competitive basis as a national finalist for the NFL Network's Physical Education Teacher of the Year award. Steve continues to direct the Southwest Virginia VAHPERD Workshop, an important outreach commitment to increase membership and services to health and physical education professionals and students in southwestern Virginia and beyond.
Presentation Topics and Descriptions:

  • “Progressive Game Stages: Taking Students to the Next Level of Performance”
  • “Elementary Evidence”
  • “Cooperative Experiences”
  • “Effective Teaching: How Teachers and Students Should Spend Time in the Gym”
  • “Moving (and Learning) Across the Curriculum: Integrating Core Content in the Gym”
  • “The ABCs of Movement: Exciting Physical Activity Ideas for Young Children”
  • “Instant Activities”
  • “4 Square 2 the Max”

Tom Winiecki
Tom Winiecki
Location: Manlius, NY (Mott Road Elementary)
Grade Levels: Elementary PE Teaching Experience: 28 Years Public School teaching. Nationally Board Certified in PE Presentation Experience: 16+ Years (see Presentation Topics and descriptions)
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present during Fall and Spring and is willing to do Keynote presentations.
Tom Winiecki is a Physical Education teacher in the Fayetteville-Manlius School District in Central New York State. He has taught at the elementary level since 1981. He was named the NYSAHPERD Central North Zone Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2003, the NYSAHPERD Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the year in 2010 and the NFL Network Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 2013. Tom was National Board Certified in 2005 and re-certified in 2015. He serves on the District Curriculum Council, Technology Committee and Wellness Committee at Fayetteville-Manlius. He is also the K-12 Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator at Fayetteville-Manlius. He has presented at the local, zone, state and national level on a wide range of topics related to physical education. Tom has also taught as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University in 2007. He has been a Section Editor for PHEAmerica (formally PELINKS4U) since 2000.
Presentation Highlights:

  • Spring 2014 AAHPERD National Convention, St. Louis, MO, Teaching in Themes in K-12 Physical Education
  • Fall 2015 NYSAHPERD Convention, Verona, NY, Creating a Culture of Physical Activity in Your Building
  • Fall 2013 NYSAHPERD Convention, Verona, NY, "Why Do I Have to Learn This? Here is the Answer!"
  • Spring 2015 Fayetteville-Manlius (NY) District Education Fair, Physical Activity and Academic Success

Keynote Topics:

  • Physical Activity for a Lifetime
  • Teaching to Become Obsolete to Our Students

Presentation Topics (see descriptions of each):

  • A Culture of Physical Activity
  • Integrating Physical Activity into the Classroom
  • Making Assessment Easy and Student Centered
  • Teaching in Common Themes/Not Separate Units
  • Using Pedometers and Heart Rate Monitors with Elementary Students
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • And More...!

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