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Teaching Health in Physical Education Speakers

This page features presenters who enjoy sharing their knowledge on how to teach a great health class.

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Brenda Goodwin
Brenda Goodwin
Location: Springfield, MO (Missour State Univ.)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE and Health
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Brenda is an assistant professor in the Kinesiology Department at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. She has been in education for over 40 years starting as a high school physical education teacher as well as a tennis, track and field and cross country coach. She has been teaching at the university level for 15 years. She has made over 28 national peer reviewed presentations and she has been the Dance Managing Editor for PE Central for over 10 years. Brenda frequently conducts professional development workshops throughout the Midwest and in 1997 Brenda was the Missouri (MOAHPERD) and Central District of SHAPE America Dance Educator of the Year.

Presentation Topics for Brenda:

  • Project Based Learning for K-12 Physical Education
  • Keeping Kids Active Before and After School
  • Successfully Using the Flipped Teaching Method in Physical Education
  • Successfully Using the Flipped Teaching Method in Health Education
  • Assessment made Simple! Learn how to implement it in your classes!
  • Health teaching made easy!
  • Canít Dance? No Worries! Add fun dances to your PE Program and Love it
  • Integrating Technology into Your Physical Education Program
  • And More...!

Misti Wajciechowski
Misti Wajciechowski
Location: Richmond, VA (VCU)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE and Health Teaching Experience: 18 Years Public School, 4 Years at College Level. Nationally Board Certified in PE Presentation Experience: 15+ Years
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present throughout the year including the summer and is willing to do Keynote presentations.
Misti Wajciechowski is an assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the School of Education. She has 18 years of public school experience and currently is in her fourth year in higher education. She received her Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from VCU, is Nationally Board Certified, and is working toward her PhD in education. She has presented at the National, State, and local levels specifically on the topics of pedagogy and incorporating technology into the field of health and physical education as a means to enhance the educational experience for students. Misti was chosen as the Virginia Middle School Physical Educator of the Year in 2004, the National Health Educator K-12 in 2010, and was just recently selected as the College/University Physical Educator for the state of Virginia for 2015. She also just recently presented Project Based Learning in Secondary PE to the PE teachers in Henry County GA in March of 2016 with two other PE Central Presenters.
Presentation Testimonials: "We want her to come back and spend more time with us", everything she shared was useful, and I can't wait to implement these strategies", "this was the best PD we have had in a long long time".
Presentation Topics:

  • Project Based Learning
  • Technology
  • Assessment
  • Physical Education K-12
  • Health
  • Adventure Education (Biking, Adventure Racing, Geocaching, non-traditional activities)
  • And More...!

Keynote Topics:

The importance of starting P.E. and fitness in children beginning with preschool. Lots of statistics on how large corporations are already influencing young children to be inactive, eat poorly and develop unhealthy lifestyle habits. People need to be motivated to start the process of teaching nutrition and physical skills/activity to children as young as age 2 to prevent diseases now being seen in childhood. By the time children are in the elementary grades it's much harder and critical times for learning skills may have passed.

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