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Comprehensive School Physical Activity Presenters

This page features workshop presenters whose expertise is demonstrating how classroom teachers (and PE teachers) can incorporate physical activity throughout the school day.

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Eloise Elliott
Eloise Elliott
Location: Morgantown, WV (West Virginia Univ.)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE
Teaching Experience: 15+ Years Public School teaching
Presentation Experience: 15+ Years
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present in the Fall and the Spring.

Presentation Topic Description: Making your Whole Day Active! Incorporating physical activity throughout the school day

Designed for schools and districts to help K-5 teachers incorporate physical activity in their regular classroom instruction and in other school opportunities throughout the school day. Active Academics® one-day workshop will give K-5 teachers the knowledge, skills, and practical classroom-tested ideas to incorporate movement and physical activity throughout the school day - in the classroom, in physical education class, during break times such as lunch and recess, and before/after school opportunities. This professional development workshop has been aligned with the national standards, including the Core Content Standards, developed by our leading professional organizations. This workshop is developed through a partnership with eLearning for Kids, Inc.

Brian Mosier
Brian Mosier
Location: Carrollton, GA (Univ. of West Georgia)
Grade Levels: PreK-5 and College PE
Teaching Experience: 15+ years, K-12 physical education and university level.
Presentation Experience: 10+ Years, Presentation Titles and Abstracts
Willing to present locally and throughout the USA and Internationally. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Dr. Brian Mosier taught physical education for four years (2001-2005) at public schools in Tallahassee, FL, while earning a master degree in Sport Management. Brian then was an instructor at the Florida State University (2005-2010) while completing his doctoral degree in physical education, and is currently in his seventh year as an associate professor at the University of West Georgia and is the Department Chair of Sport Management, Wellness, and Physical Education. His research interests focus on the promotion of physical activity, effective teaching and supervision, and online learning. Brian contributes to the profession by publishing and presenting at the national, state, and local levels. Brian is currently a Master Trainer for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, Technology Tips Editor for the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, the GDOE Physical Activity/Physical Education Committee, and is the GAHPERD State Fitness Coordinator.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Mosier, B., Cornett, K., Kay, C., & Metzler, M. (October, 2015). Integrating the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program Model in Georgia Elementary Schools. Presentation at the PETE/HETE Conference in Atlanta, GA.
  • Mosier, B., Kay, C., Franks, P., & Cornett, K. (February, 2015). Power Up for 30: Increasing Physical Activity in Georgia Schools. SHAPE America Southern District 2015 Convention. Atlanta, GA.
  • Mosier, B. & Heidorn, B. (April, 2015). Essentials of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Presentation at the SHAPE America Convention. Seattle, WA.

Keynote Topics:
  • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs

Presentation Topics:
  • Lifelong Fitness
  • Fitness Games
  • Curriculum Development
  • Assessment
  • Educational Games
  • Educational Gymnastics
  • Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs

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