Brain Breaks/Boosts for Classroom Teachers Presenters

This page features workshop presenters whose expertise is showing classroom teachers (and PE teachers) how they can incorporate physical activity throughout the school day.

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Eloise Elliott
Eloise Elliott
Location: Morgantown, WV (West Virginia Univ.)
Grade Levels: K-12 PE
Teaching Experience: 15+ Years Public School teaching
Presentation Experience: 15+ Years
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present in the Fall and the Spring.

Presentation Topic Description: Making your Whole Day Active! Incorporating physical activity throughout the school day

Designed for schools and districts to help K-5 teachers incorporate physical activity in their regular classroom instruction and in other school opportunities throughout the school day. Active Academics® one-day workshop will give K-5 teachers the knowledge, skills, and practical classroom-tested ideas to incorporate movement and physical activity throughout the school day - in the classroom, in physical education class, during break times such as lunch and recess, and before/after school opportunities. This professional development workshop has been aligned with the national standards, including the Core Content Standards, developed by our leading professional organizations. This workshop is developed through a partnership with eLearning for Kids, Inc.

Susan Flynn
Susan Flynn
Location: Charleston, SC (College of Charleston)
Grade Levels: K-12 and College PE
Teaching Experience: 30+ years, elementary physical education, adapted physical education, middle school special education and university level.
Presentation Experience: 20+ Years
Presenter Profile
Willing to present locally and throughout the USA. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Susan provides professional development for school districts throughout the United States and internationally. She has been invited to present at many state physical education conferences and workshops (Al, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, IO, KY, LA, MA, OH, VA, WV). In addition to presenting at the National SHAPE America Convention and District conventions numerous times, she presents at national and state early childhood conferences. Susan also presents on Science, Technology, Engeerining and Math (STEM) through her National Science Foundation grant- TECHFIT-connecting coding, engineering and fitness.

Presentation Topics:

  • Move 2 Learn: Integration of ELA and Math with Physical Literacy
  • K-12 Developmental Appropriate Practices in Physical Education
  • Brain Blasts and Action Based Learning for the classroom educator
  • Physical Literacy for Early Childhood
  • Adapted Physical Education and Sensory Motor
  • Creative Dance Pre-K-5
  • Dance for the Physical Education Curriculum K-12
  • Physical Best and Fitness Education
  • Brain Blasts and Action Based Learning for the classroom educator
  • Technology in Physical Education
  • TPSR- Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility in physical education
  • Certified Presidential Youth Fitness Instructor (PYFP); Physical Activity Leader (PAL) and Physical Best Instructor

Tom Winiecki
Tom Winiecki
Location: Manlius, NY (Mott Road Elementary)
Grade Levels: Elementary PE Teaching Experience: 35+ Years Public School teaching. Nationally Board Certified in PE Presentation Experience: 16+ Years (see Presentation Topics and descriptions)
Willing to present locally and in the USA. Can present during Fall and Spring and is willing to do Keynote presentations.
Tom Winiecki is a Physical Education teacher in the Fayetteville-Manlius School District in Central New York State. He has taught at the elementary level since 1981. He was named the NYSAHPERD Central North Zone Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2003, the NYSAHPERD Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the year in 2010 and the NFL Network Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 2013. Tom was National Board Certified in 2005 and re-certified in 2015. He serves on the District Curriculum Council, Technology Committee and Wellness Committee at Fayetteville-Manlius. He is also the K-12 Physical Education Curriculum Coordinator at Fayetteville-Manlius. He has presented at the local, zone, state and national level on a wide range of topics related to physical education. Tom has also taught as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University in 2007. He has been a Section Editor for PHEAmerica (formally PELINKS4U) since 2000.
Presentation Highlights:

  • Spring 2014 AAHPERD National Convention, St. Louis, MO, Teaching in Themes in K-12 Physical Education
  • Fall 2015 NYSAHPERD Convention, Verona, NY, Creating a Culture of Physical Activity in Your Building
  • Fall 2013 NYSAHPERD Convention, Verona, NY, "Why Do I Have to Learn This? Here is the Answer!"
  • Spring 2015 Fayetteville-Manlius (NY) District Education Fair, Physical Activity and Academic Success

Keynote Topics:

  • Physical Activity for a Lifetime
  • Teaching to Become Obsolete to Our Students

Presentation Topics (see descriptions of each):

  • A Culture of Physical Activity
  • Integrating Physical Activity into the Classroom
  • Making Assessment Easy and Student Centered
  • Teaching in Common Themes/Not Separate Units
  • Using Pedometers and Heart Rate Monitors with Elementary Students
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • And More...!

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