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This page features workshop presenters whose expertise is showing you how to incorporate developmentally appropriate games and activities into your PE program. These presentations will involve a lot of moving.

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Pete Charrette
Pete Charrette
Location: Powder Springs, GA (Retired, Owner of Cap'n Pete's PE, LLC)
Grade Levels: K-8
Teaching Experience: 30+ years, elementary and middle school physical education.
Presentation Experience: 10+ Years
Presenter Profile
Willing to present locally, throughout the USA and Internationally. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Pete Charrette is a Nationally Board Certified, 30 year veteran physical education teacher from Powder Springs, Georgia. He has a Master's of Education Degree from Georgia State University and a Specialist in Education from the University of West Georgia. In 2009, Pete was selected as the GAHPERD Elementary PE Teacher of the Year and in 2017 named the Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator of the Year. Pete has served as a National Trainer and Scorer for the NBPTS and has worked as an Adjunct Professor and Collaborative Teacher with Kennesaw State University. Under his brand name Cap’n Pete’s Power PE, Pete Charrette has created over 600 physical education and health resources that he distributes on a number of online locations. His stunning visual designs and unique activities are currently being used in countless gyms around the world. He has designed a number of award winning websites and is an active leader in the PE community on several social media platforms. Pete has presented on a national level with SHAPE America and globally through a number of online physical education summits.

Notable Presentations:

  • Upcoming- July 2018: National Physical Education and School Sport Institute- 1. Pulling it all together- Creating a quality PE program that SHINES!
  • 2. Large Group Activities that ENGAGE! March 2018: SHAPE America- Nashville: "Fired up Fitness"- It's time to start your engines
  • October 2017: GAHPERD Convention- Athens, GA: 1. Large Group Activities a PIRATE Would Love! Practical, Inspirational, Radical, Active, Timely, Edgy 2. Never Let Them See You Sweat! Creating a Positive Learning Environment in Physical Education
  • August 2017: PHYSED Summit- Online with the PHYSEDagogy group Large Group Activities a “PIRATE” would love!
  • November 2016: ESPEchat PHYSED Summit- Never Let Them See You Sweat! Creating a Positive Learning Environment in Physical Education

Presentation Topics:
  • Quick Movers- Instant activities and easy to implement warm-ups
  • Fired up Fitness- A series of cutting edge, visual-based fitness activities (Fidget Spinner Fitness, Scrabble-Scramble, Fitness Blasts, Tic-Tac-Toe Fitness, etc.)
  • Fitness Circuits- Health & skill-related components of fitness task cards
  • Manipulative Skill Development (small group)- Catching & Fielding, Throwing & Tossing, Kicking & Foot Dribbling, Striking & Volleying, and Hand Dribbling & Ball Control
  • Sport-Specific Skill Development (small group)- Base Games, Basketball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Football Skills, Team Handball, Track & Field and Racket/Paddle Sports
  • Large Group Games- Non-traditional, fun games for large PE classes
  • Skills Assessment- Teacher, peer and self-assessment- formative and summative visual checklists for 24 essential PE skills
  • Field Day, Seasonal Activities and Special Events- Visual-based activities for yearly events and holidays
  • Reciprocal teaching using visuals- Ed. Gymnastics, Jump rope and YOGA
  • Lesson, Unit and Yearly Planning Tools- Templates that ROCK!

Keynote Speech Topics:
  • Are you a PE Pirate? Passionate, Intentional, Resilient, Adventurous, Tenacious & Engaged
  • Teaching PE: Breaking through the obstacles, overcoming the challenges

J.D. Hughes
JD Hughes
Location: Villa Rica, GA (Mirror Lake Elementary)
Grade Levels: K-5
Teaching Experience: 20+ years, elementary and middle school physical education.
Presentation Experience: 16+ Years
Presenter Profile
Willing to present locally, throughout the USA and Internationally. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
J.D. Hughes, 2005 and 2015 Georgia and SHAPE Southern District Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year has taught elementary physical education since 1995 in Douglasville, GA. He is author of No Standing Around in My Gym (2002), PE2theMax (2005), PE2theMax II (2008), PE˛ (2010), HyPEd Up! (2017), and The Best of...DVD’s Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. J.D. provides a challenging yet developmentally appropriate physical learning environment striving for motor skill development, physical fitness and cognitive awareness as recognized by SHAPE standards. He is a National Board Certified Teacher (2001 & 2011), holds a Master’s and Education Specialist’s degree. J.D. has provided staff development workshops to 180+ local school districts and state conferences all over the nation. He is passionate, constantly striving to look for new ways to improve his teaching, to share his practice, and strengthen the teaching profession. See for additional information.

Notable Presentations:

  • Featured speaker at the Share the Wealth Conference in Jekyll Island, GA; every year since 2006
  • Featured speaker at the DuPage Co. Physical Education, Health, & Driver Ed. Institute in Naperville, IL, Mar. of 2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017
  • PE2theMax Workshop for the LAHPERD Pre-Convention in Baton Rouge, LA, November of 2015
  • Presenter at the Southern District SHAPE Convention in Williamsburg, VA, and the SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Minneapolis, MN, 2016
  • PE2theMax, Inc. (six hour) Workshop for the Metro Nashville Public School District, TN, August of 2017
  • and 170+ more all over the nation

Presentation Topics:
  • No Standing Around in My Gym: Lesson Plans, games, and teaching tips for physical education
  • PE2theMax: Maximize Skills, Participation, Teamwork, and Fun
  • PE2theMax II: Stepping up the “Game” in Physical Education
  • PE˛: Double the Physical + Double the Education = Double the Fun
  • HyPEd Up! Taking Physical Education Games to the Next Level
  • Welcome to Let's Dance! Come Bust some Moves with J.D. Hughes

Keynote Speech Topics:
  • Maximizing Positive Behavior Outcomes through Game
  • Choice-Driven Physical Education

Dave Senecal
Dave Senecal
Location: Atlanta, GA (P.B. Ritch Middle School)
Grade Levels: Elementary/Middle
Presenter Profile | Resume | Descriptions of Dave's Presentations
Willing to present locally, all over the USA and the World. Can present throughout the year including the summer.
Dave has been a Physical Education teacher in Paulding County, GA since 1997. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Kennesaw State and his Master’s degree in Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction from Western Kentucky. He opened Nebo Elementary school where he built a well-respected program and earned Teacher of the Year in 2012. He earned Teacher of Year in 2015 for his innovative program at P.B. Ritch Middle School. Dave also was awarded the prestigious 2015 GAHPERD and Southern District SHAPE America Middle School Teacher of the Year. He has also served as the volunteer elementary and middle physical education professional development coordinator for his district. In 2008, Dave was selected to be on a team of sixteen physical education specialists to write the current Georgia Physical Education Standards. Dave developed the “PEPALOOZA Workshops” and has presented at many local, state and national conventions. He has secured over $40,000 in grants that have led to the purchase of classroom sets of equipment that have allowed many middle school students to experience activities such as rugby, disc golf, longboarding, circus arts, fly fishing, back packing, yoga and mountain biking. Dave also enjoys adding technology to his teaching at every chance he can using many apps that encourage his kids to stay active in the 21st century.

Presentation Topics:

  • Large and Small Group Games
  • Skill Development Games
  • Tactical Games
  • Innovative Dance K-2
  • Innovative Dance 3-8
  • Striking/Fielding Activities
  • Great Tag Games for Cardio and Fitness K-8
  • Technology in Physical Education (Grades K-12)
  • Teacher Keys Effectiveness System and Student Learning Objectives
  • Circus Arts
  • Outdoor Education/Games

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