Equipment Name:

Yarn Ball

Materials Needed:

Yarn, Cardboard, Scissors.

Estimated Cost:



Allows child to practice manipulating a soft, non-threatening, catchable piece of equipment.

Directions For Making:

Cut two donuts out of the cardboard. The hole in the middle should be at least as big as a fifty cent coin. Place the two cardboard donuts together and begin to wrap the yarn through the middle and around the cardboard. Continue around the circle until the middle is filled. Now take a pair of scissors and cut the yarn along the edge of the cardboard. When finished you will have the yarn loose sticking through the hole in the cardboard. Now separate the cardboard just a little and tie the middle of the yarn ball between the two cardboard donuts. Once this is tied, you can pull off the cardboard and trim up the yarn ball with the scissors.

Submitted by Bill Yongue who teaches at the Florida International University in Miami, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/3/00.