Equipment Name:

Turkey Bowling Pins

Materials Needed:

5-10 2 liter soda bottles, 5-10 clean turkey printouts, tape

Estimated Cost:



Great for targets when teaching underhand throwing skills.

Directions For Making:

Clean out bottles. Fill the bottom of bottle with 2 inches of play sand or gravel. Print out turkeys (you can draw and color your own, or create them using a drawing program on your pc, or download and print out pictures of turkeys from the internet). Cut out each turkey and tape it onto the bottle. Set up the finished "pins" and have each student take turns rolling a large rubber ball. Younger "pilgrims" can use the squishy grippable balls.

Submitted by Steve Jewett who is from Guilford, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/10/03.