Equipment Name:


Materials Needed:

Rolls of brightly colored non-slip shelving material (looks like waffle weave and is slightly tacky). Purchased mine from a dollar store.

Estimated Cost:



I used these "spots" to mark where children should stand for spacing, where bases are, folling different pathways by following a line (zig zag, etc.) of certain color spots, used to set 2 liter bottles on for bowling lesson, used as targets, etc!

Directions For Making:

I took a sandwich size plate and traced it onto the material and cut it out. You can make them any size but mine are approx. 8" across and really seem to work well for most applications. Make several different colors for each group, etc. I got about 8 spots from a roll.

Submitted by Julie Rennecker who teaches at Harrison Hill Academy in Ft. Wayne, IN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/16/08.