Equipment Name:

Sock Balls

Materials Needed:

Old socks (Donated by students), Pillow stuffing, Needles and thread

Estimated Cost:



To make balls of different sizes for students to work on throwing and catching activities.

Directions For Making:

At the beginning of the school year the AOS P.E. Department host a ball making party for parents only. The party begins with all parents sewing sox balls for one hour. Our goal is 100 balls. Parents are given a clip board with the following instructions for making the sock ball.

  1. Stuff one sock with enough stuffing to make a 4 inch round ball.
  2. Cut off the excess material from the sock.
  3. Shape the ball as round as possible and fold over a flap of material. Sew the flap closed.
  4. Select another sock and repeat steps 1 through 4!

Submitted by Martine Carr who teaches at Annunciation Orthodox School in Houston, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/23/00.