Equipment Name:

Sheet Targets

Materials Needed:

One large bed sheet, permanent Markers/or washable paint/or felt and sewing supplies, overhead projector, transparency of figure/shapes/objects

Estimated Cost:



Often, commercially bought targets are too small. (You have probably seen the small, wooden, clown target). Why not create your own LARGE, developmentally appropriate, fun, colorful target that children can throw, kick, strike, toss, etc. at! These targets can be folded up small for storage and washed for looks and longevity.

Directions For Making:

Get a large sheet (King or Queen works best). Sometimes hospitals or motels give away old ones for free. Hang it on a wall using tape (see examples below). Use an overhead projector to project a transparency of your favorite character, shape, animal, etc. onto the sheet. Trace the picture onto the sheet using pencil. (For all of the "artists" out there -- simply draw the picture on the sheet). Take the sheet down and either use marker, paint, or cut out and sew felt pieces to the sheet. For those that wish -- cutting out holes are also possible. When using in class, sheets can be hung at 45' angles or straight down from wall. Other classes, such as art or lifeskills, may assist you in making the sheet targets.

Pictures of Targets:

Sheet Target Fred Flinstone Sheet Target Mickey Mouse

Submitted by Darren Robert who is at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/3/00.