Equipment Name:

Shadow Sheet

Materials Needed:

3- 8' pieces of PVC pipe.2 - PVC t's, 2PVC elbows, 1 white bed sheet, two clothes pins, PVC glue (optional) 1 overhead projector or other powerful, safe light source.

Estimated Cost:



Children love to make shadows, follow and lead partners, and see others make shadows. This piece of equipment is available commercially for quite a bit more than the amount it would cost an individual to make it. Many motor skills and movement concepts will be practiced with enthusiasm and excitement!

Directions For Making:

Please see picture for clarification. Attach three lengths (two 8' and one 5')of pipe in a U-shape formation using two 90 degree elbows. At the ends of the 8' pieces attach two t's and attach a smaller length (30") at the end of each for a leg. Attach sheet over top of pipe with two clothes pins. Place overhead projector behind one side of the sheet about 6-10 feet back and have student perform in front of it.

Submitted by Darren Robert at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willamantic, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/22/03.