Equipment Name:

Scoop Holders

Materials Needed:

Plastic laundry bottles (e.g. ERA, Tide, etc.), Cones 12" or higher (e.g. orange cones), knife to cut with.

Estimated Cost:



Our 2nd graders came up with this! If you cut out the bottom of the laundry bottles to use as scoops to catch with (old idea), you can INVERT THE LAUNDRY BOTTLE and take out the "spout" part and place it on the top of a cone. This helps organize a station by providing "storage bin" for the balls, beanbags, etc. at each station. This is a quick "clean up your station before moving on" organizational tip.

Directions For Making:

Steps to create homemade equipment:

Cut the bottom off of a Laundry bottle. Then, take out the "spout". That's IT!

Submitted by Nancy Kindig-Malone who teaches at Geneva Elementary School in Geneva, NE. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/24/02.