Equipment Name:

Panty Hose Rackets

Materials Needed:

Clothes hanger, panty hose, tape.

Estimated Cost:



This makes a light weight racket that the child can control. It works very well with balloons or light weight yarn balls.

Directions For Making:

1.Take the clothes hanger and straighten the curved part and then round out as much as possible the bottom area.
2.Pull the panty hose over the bottom part and wrap some around the straight part and then tape this are to form he handle.
3.Pull the remaining hose until it is snug and then tie a know and cut off the excess.

Picture of Equipment:

Nylon Paddles

Submitted by Bill Yongue who teaches at the Florida International University in Miami, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/11/00.