Equipment Name:

Throwing/Catching Nylon Bath Scrubbers

Materials Needed:

Nylon Bath Scrubbers (available at any retail store like Wal Mart, Target, etc.)

Estimated Cost:



This is another idea for a piece of equipment that may be helpful for leaning how to throw and catch (and other skills).

Directions For Making:

I have replaced some of my yarn balls (which fuzz and come apart in the dryer) with nylon net bath scrubbers. They have the same flight characteristics as yarn balls, but are less expensive, slightly larger and slower, come in assorted colors, and wash and dry extremely well. They last a long time too. I do cut the loops off that are used to hang them in the bath.

Submitted by Kathleen E. Popp who teaches at Ichabod Crane Primary School in Valatie, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/21/04.