Equipment Name:

Alphabet and Number Caps

Materials Needed:

Gatorade caps - orange, 1/2" EZ Stick Letter set (caps and numbers)

Estimated Cost:



Caps can be used in activities to help children learn to recognize letters and numbers.

Directions For Making:

Gatorade is sold at lunch in our cafeteria. A 5-gallon bucket w/plastic liner was placed next to the trash cans. A yard stick with a sign that said "Gatorade caps please!" was taped inside the bucket. As the children left the cafeteria they put their caps in the bucket. When the bucket was full the caps were washed in warm soapy water then allowed to dry.

The EZ Stick Letters were then put into the inside of each of the caps. I was fortunate to have 4th and 5th grade students who were willing to put the letters and numbers in the caps while waiting for late busses.

Keep the letters and numbers seperate when storing them. I also seperate the letter sets to insure that the normal distribution is maintained.

Safety Note: Please do not allow students to put these in their mouths.


Submitted by Bill King who teaches at the Springfield Elementary School in Fort Mill, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/1/02.