Equipment Name:

Liter Bottle Bat

Materials Needed:

Two liter bottle, dowel rod, wood screw, drill, screw driver and duct tape.

Estimated Cost:



This provides a bat the child can really control and be successful with. A small handle to grip better and a large hitting surface.

Directions For Making:

1. Dowel rod comes in three foot sections, cut the dowel in half.
2. Stick the dowel rod into the bottle all the way to the bottom.
3. Center the rod on the bottom and drill a hole through the bottle and into the dowel rod.
4. Take the wood screw and screw it through the hole in the bottle and into the dowel rod.
5. Tape some duct tape around the neck of the bottle and on the dowel rod.
6. You can decorate the bottle and change it as needed. Three liter bottle may also be used.

Pictures of Equipment:

Submitted by Bill Yongue who teaches at the Florida International University in Miami, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/11/00.