Equipment Name:

Quick Kites

Materials Needed:

Plastic grocery bags with handles, string/yarn

Estimated Cost to Make:



A great spring/summer activity that will allow kids to run to get the "kite" to fly.

Directions For Making:

This is an affordable and easy way to make a kite. Instead of having to wait around for the wind children only need to run to get their "kite" to fly. Adult supervision is necessary due to the plastic bag warnings of possible suffication. In addition this needs to be done in a flat, safe, wide open space so kids do not run into each other or trip over other obstacles.

Tie a piece of string or yarn (yarn is easier to grasp for smaller hands) about 3'-5' long and tie it around both handles of the plastic bag.

Submitted by Violeta Bobadilla who teaches at Valley View School in Duarte, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/6/06.