Equipment Name:


Materials Needed:

  • water noodles (discount store)
  • plastic 20 ounce
  • bottles (recycle from garbage)
  • athletic tape (most schools
  • have this)
  • cones (most schools have these)

Estimated Cost:



Children love to run and jump. This hurdle is also safe and user friendly. If a child tips it over it is easy to fix. All ages can be challenged.

Directions For Making:

Cut a water noodle (6' long and 5" diameter foam floating toy) in half. Take an empty plastic bottle and cut both ends off with a utility knife. Then on one end of the bottle cut a U shape to place the three foot noddle in. Tape the bottle to the middle of the noodle. It should be a "T" shape when completed. The hurdle should stand by itself. Also place the new hurlde on cones of various sizes to challenge older students. Another option to adjust hurdle height is to use various sizes of plastic water or pop bottles.

Picture of Hurdle:

Foam Hurdle

Submitted by Tim Nelson who teaches at Garretson School in Garretson, SD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/20/00.