Equipment Name:

Adapted Bocce

Materials Needed:

Vinyl gutter available at hardware stores. Commercial bocce set or four pairs of colored balls that would fit in the gutter and a target such as a smaller ball of a different color, a brightly colored "spot" made from construction paper.

Estimated Cost:



Students with disabilities may experience difficulty in thowing activities, such as bocce. Using the gutter as a ramp provides active participation for those students with movement limitations due to contractures, abnormal muscle tone, etc. The ramp is lightweight, easily transported, and contracts for little storage space. Students may use the ramp as they sit (easiest and great for kids with wheelchairs). Standing, aiming the ramp, and holding the ball in place, requires a little more challenge. The object of the game is to use the ramp as independently as possible to roll the balls closest to the target.

Directions For Making:

The vinyl gutter preferred is one that "telescopes" (2 pieces attached so that they slide in for easy storage and slide out to provide a longer ramp.) Remove the spout if you purchased a down spout. Your ramp is ready to go!

Submitted by Wanda Westbrook who teaches at the William E. Burkett Center in Birmingham, AL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/27/03.