Equipment Name:

Bed Sheet Blizzard

Materials Needed:

Old/new bed sheet, Paper wad balls, masking or duct tape

Estimated Cost:



Sheets maybe used as an alternative to parachute. Experience a group/co-operative effort through muscular strength and cardi-respiratory endurance.

Activity Ideas with this Equipment:

Assemble the class at the four corners of (5-6 ) bed sheets. Place the "snowballs" (paper wads) on the bed sheet. Try to flip the paper wads up and down while exercising the arm, neck and back muscles. As a variation place all the paper wads on one sheet and try to flip them onto another bed sheet. The groups will manuever the sheets for the paper wad entry. Also, different objects may be placed on the sheet for more variety (sponge balls, koosh balls, etc). The sheets may be used as an alternative warm-up activity covering all the large muscle groups.

Submitted by Gerry Cernicky who teaches at Allegheny/Hyde Park Elementary Schools in Leechburg, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/1/00.