Equipment Name:

Balloon Paddles

Materials Needed:

Small Styrofoam dessert plates, Paint Stirrers (obtain from a paint store free of charge), Gym floor tape, Masking tape

Estimated Cost:



This enables children to practice their striking with paddle skills.

Directions For Making:

My pre-school students love to strike balloons that are suspended from a rope with these paddles. I use two volleyball standards with a rope extended between the two. I then tie a balloon to a piece of yarn - spaced evenly along the rope. The children stand on poly-spots and hit the balloons. Older students may want to try to keep their ballons suspended using the paddles without the balloons being tied to the rope.

Steps to create homemade equipment:

Wrap gym floor tape around the handle portion of the paint stirrer, where the child will be holding it. WIth masking tape, tape the top portion of the paint stirrer to the BACK of the styrofaim plate, (at least 3 times). Bigger plates may be used, according to the ability of the child. Children could even decorate their own plate with a marker!

Submitted by Mariann Condrat from Lawrenceville, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/7/03.