Equipment Name:

Balance Fishing

Materials Needed:

Balance Beam, cut out fish with paper clips attached, dowell rod fishing pole with magnet at end of string

Estimated Cost:



This enables children to practice balancing while attemping to catch fish swimming on the floor. This activity may encourage the children to move across the beam to catch more fish!

Directions For Making:

Cut out fish, letters or numbers using foam board or felt. Decorate with paint or markers. Place a paper clip on each design. Use a dowell rod with a string attached as the pole. Place a magnet (or several) at the end of the string. Use blue tarp over the mats to make scenery more ocean like. Child will stand on the balance beam and use fishing pole to touch the paper clip to catch the fish.

Submitted by Darren Robert at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willamantic, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/20/00.