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"I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful site. I have only a fingertip of understanding of what it takes to do all that you do. Thank you so much."

The following is a brief overview of the traffic to PE Central.

Busiest months are Feb, March, April, May, and Sept., Oct., Nov.

Busiest month ever Sept. 2008: 144,000 Unique Visitors. In Oct. 2007 we reached highs with 412,000 visitor sessions, and over 4.2 million page views

2008 Traffic (Jan-Nov. 2008) (shown in averages for the month)

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 118, 631
  • Monthly Visitor Sessions: 312,615
  • Monthly Page Views: 3.10 million
  • Monthly Hits: 12.38 million

2006-07 Traffic (shown in averages for the month)

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 104,932
  • Monthly Visitor Sessions: 323,781
  • Monthly Page Views: 2.98 million
  • Monthly Hits: 10.3 million

Email Newsletter Subscribers (As of 10/8/08) (View Past Newsletter)

  • 21,500

Demographics (who visits PE Central)

  • PreK-12 Health and Physical Education Teachers
  • College Students and Professors
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Parents (Homeschoolers)
  • K-12 Students