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"You do a great job at P.E. Central and it means a lot to me when my ideas are accepted because I know that you are serious about publishing appropriate activities. I believe my lessons have become stronger because of your comments on several of my rejected ideas."

The Quarterly Equipment Specials advertising option on PE Central allows a company to feature up to 1 product of their choice every 3 months. Included are photos of the product (which you will need to provide, see below for specifics) and a brief description (no more than 150 words) of the product. Quarterly Specials are listed in our Health & PE Companies/Products which is located on the front page of PE Central. In addition, you can provide an order form which consumers can print, complete and mail to your company or we will gladly list your phone and/or fax so the product can be ordered. New products can change every three months.

Cost: For rates or additional information call 540-953-1043 or email us at

Companies choosing this option receive a FREE Yearly Listing Link and Description for the duration of their purchase.

Red Bullet Quarterly Special Picture and Text Specs:

  • "jpeg" or "gif" file format
  • 300 X 300 Pixels per product item
  • 100-150 text description per item

Red Bullet Sending Your Product Pictures and Descriptions to PE Central:

Product pictures can be sent to PE Central either as an e-mail file attachment, we can take off of your Web page, or you can mail a disk to the address listed below.

Text descriptions can be sent in an email message or sent via an attachment in a Microsoft Word (or other Word processing) document.