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"Your site is an outstanding contribution to teachers and students everywhere!"

Banners and buttons will be placed on the top of the most popular sections of PE Central. The page views noted on this table are from October 2000.

PE Central Section Name

(Where Banner/Buttons Will be Seen)
Page Views
(Oct. 2000)
1.Front Page 120,858
2.Lesson Plan Index Page 69,571
3.K-2 Lesson Plans 20,465
4.3-5 Lesson Plans 18,240
5.Middle School/High School Lesson Plans 17,798
6.Instant Activities 14,859
7.Health Lesson Plans 13,564
8.Classroom Teacher Lesson Plans 6987
9.Classroom Management Lesson Ideas 5121
10.Preschool Lesson Plans 6185
11.Dance Lesson Plans 5054
12.Field Days 1875
13.Holiday Lesson Plans 11,387
14.Activity Cues 7814
15.Assessment Ideas Main Page 12,808
16.Professional Information Main Menu 4706
17.Instructional Resources Main Menu 4883
18.Top Web Sites 12,298
19.Adapted PE Main Menu 8373
20.Preschool PE Main Menu 3949
21.Creating a Learning Environment 5081
22.Job Center 9430
23.Research In Action 4889

Total Page Views