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"Thank you so much for the work your crew puts into this page. I use it a lot and it has made a difference in my teaching!"

Rotating banners (new banner appears each time a page is viewed) are available for up to 4 companies. Banners are placed on the top of the most popular pages of PE Central. Each banner will be linked to your companies Web site. In addition, companies choosing this option will have their company listed in our Yearly Listing Section. More information about the banner ads are provided next.

Cost: For rates or additional information call 540-953-1043 or email us at

Red Bullet Banner Specs:

  • "jpeg" or "gif" file format
  • 728 X 90 Pixels
  • Animated Banners are accepted
  • 40K size limit

Red Bullet Sending Your Banner to PE Central:

Banners must be sent to PE Central either as an e-mail file attachment, we can take off of your Web page, or you can mail a disk to the address listed below.