Dear University Professor:

We are pleased that you think highly of PE Central and its potential impact for pre-service physical education teachers. We also appreciate that you are trying to involve these pre-service teachers professionally by having them submit ideas to PE Central.

As the number of submissions from university students increases, it becomes necessary for us to establish the following guidelines for submission of lesson ideas from university students to PE Central.

1. It is mandatory that you, their college/university professor review the ideas your students design as many of the lessons we receive from college students are inappropriate or they are lesson plans that are used in their classes and those simply do not fit our format. If we find lessons that have not been reviewed by you we will simply reject or delete from our site without notification to your student.

2. PEC cannot guarantee that a decision to post, or not to post, a lesson idea will be made by a specific time (e.g., end of a specific semester). Every effort will be made, however, to review ideas in a timely manner. It typically takes 4-6 weeks.

3. Please review the Criteria for Submitting Lesson Ideas with your students before they send any lesson ideas to PEC. Especially important is information on the lesson's purpose and description. Failure to follow these criteria will result in an idea being "not post-able." It is suggested, also, that students familiarize themselves with the document "Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education Practices for Children" from SHAPE America before submitting their idea.

4. All portions of the Lesson Plan/Idea Submission Form must be filled out and the lesson idea fully explained in the "description" section. Failure to fully explain an idea, including any resources if needed, will result in the idea being "not post-able." (Weak descriptions are the top reason for lesson ideas from university students not being able to be posted. Perhaps having students "teach" their idea to classmates, or to students at a local elementary school, before sending it to PEC may help them to "flesh out" their idea and see what does or does not work.)

5. Lesson ideas which have been previously published in a textbook or other professional publication CAN NOT be accepted without prior approval from that publisher. Failure of a student to knowingly submit a previously published idea as their original idea is against copyright laws. Approval from the publisher must be sent to PE Central, either by snail mail or e-mail, and is the responsibility of the student to obtain.

Again, we thank you for and appreciate your professional interest in PE Central. If we can be of any assistance as you and your students work with our site, please do not hesitate to contact us at "". Best to you in your educational endeavors!


Mark Manross
Executive Director
PE Central